What are the seven streams?

Updated: Apr 12

First thing I have to do is figure out what a stream is. The word stream originated from the German word strom which means to flow.

  • Stream of currency (needs) : could be anything used to enhance or apply momentum to a situation

  • Stream of consciousness (needs) : receiving (inside gnoledge from Ra)

  • Stream of the waters I am swimming in (location): currently in California

  • Stream of signs and wonders (which is not the same thing as a stream of consciousness…. when I was asleep I experienced ideas and thoughts): this is the step following the stream of consciousness aka taking advantage of opportunities that derived from the stream of consciousness things such as coincidences do not exist; I might consider events to be far fetched and or impossible for my mind to conceive. In higher realms it is a daily occurrence to witness signs and wonders such as the radio station speaking directly to me for example

  • Stream of creation/faith (needs). this is gnoing without a doubt that what Ra and I have walked in agreement on; SHALL come to pass. How it comes to pass is that I have to remain in a place of receiving. I have to be open and ready to receive this stream when it comes. An example of this is a musician with a hot first album. They were in a creative stream. Once it becomes “rigid” it is unable to flow. That first album probably came from a place of creation but the second album comes from the demand to recreate a pure creation.

  • Stream of parameters : there are two options; time (limited to one dimension experience) or now (travel through several dimensions)

  • Stream of (I’m not sure if there is a word to describe it but I will try to explain it; I want to call it alchemy but with a different angle) this stream represents the ability to work with other beings : I have the ability to tap into other beings consciousness among other things. This is a great responsibility and one that should never be manipulated or used for personal gain. The interaction has to be beneficial to all parties involved (aka the family and the family is bigger than the people that are around me everyday, I am talking soul groups). The exchange will always be “even”.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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