Waste Cycles & Poles

Waste is controlled by my two poles; central moon and central sun aka divine masculine and divine feminine.

A bowel movement is controlled by the masculine/sun pole. The masculine pole is in charge of removing all ingested toxins from the body.

Urination is controlled by the feminine/moon pole. The feminine pole controls the flow or water systems in the body so it is her obligation to remove liquified toxins.

These functions should never be “held” in as that goes against the natural law and order. The longer one allows the toxins to stay in the body the more chance for them to cause harm and/or mutate into something else. These poles give us insight and opportunity to correct issues before they become unmanageable.

When dealing with digestive issues for example like constipation; this is a direct result of an imbalance of the masculine pole. Any issues stemming from the bladder/kidneys is an imbalance of the feminine pole.

These issues can be rectified by following the guidance of your ancestors if you allow them to guide you. For me, I was told to consume sea moss because it instantly brings both of those poles into balance. Ridding my system of toxins that attempted to take up residence in my Kingdom. It is also a great opportunity to connect with my Ancestors because I am literally becoming “purer” as I engage in the releasing of toxins.

There are some rituals that are just engraved into my being and this is one of those rituals. I am not saying I have to pull out the sage and alter- my vessel is the most important alter that my Ancestors will ever honor so just by saying “thank you” and making a conscious effort to take care of myself is more than enough.

Due to my ancestral line; I have a memory of working in the sugar fields which is a direct result of my over consumption of sugar in the “now”. The feminine pole; when brought into balance can remove the toxins left in my body from consuming sugar which will cause an overactive bladder. This is just during the initial detox phase and not something that will continue to happen by taking sea moss daily. Just be aware so you have access to a comfortable clean restroom.

It is also wise to speak to the Ancestors about any addictive cravings that one may be unable to pinpoint the root of. They will give insight, clarity and solutions. For me, it was sugar cravings and I am sharing that insight with you to hopefully assist you on your journey.

If you are unsure of where to get Sea Moss from I have included two venders who I get mine from and I am very much pleased with the product. They have other products as well that are great for bringing your vessel back online.

  • https://farmacyforlife.com/

In the old world beings just bandaged the problem using things like pills for example and never considered removing the issue all together. The medical/pharmaceutical industry is big business- however we have the capacity to heal ourselves. It is literally a question of “how long do you want to live?” In the old world I once worked in the pharmaceutical industry and I saw firsthand how people were treated like dollar signs and not with empathy and compassion. Every decision made was based on shareholders and revenue, not the greater good of the people. Even community based activities were influenced by tax breaks and potential media exposure.

I am not a doctor however, it is very rare for doctors to consider that your spiritual health has a direct correlation with any physical ailments that one may be experiencing.

Trust yourself; you will never intentionally let yourself down. 💙


"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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