Walking with my ancestors

Updated: Apr 7

During meditation today I connected with my ancestors- I was at a stream and was told that it has sustained us for thousands of years. There was water flowing from the top of a hill or a mountain that collected at the bottom and formed into a lake. It looked like the waters were coming directly from the sky above.

Nanasom grabbed my hand and held me in a beautiful warm embrace. She then guided me to squat down on my knees, face to face with her, our heads touching, both arms extended into the air and our hands clutched together. I could smell coco as we were exchanging energies. I could feel her love for me and I could see everything in her eyes.

She then put a substance she called truth into my eyes and said “everything I will see will be truth”, she then put truth into my mouth and said “every word I speak is truth”, she took my hands and covered them in the same substance that she referred to as truth. I looked at my feet and almost telepathically she said “you are rooted in truth”.

I then saw three numbers ....1...2...3. The one was solid like gold, the two was glowing and had polka dot features; the three smelled like sweet coco. She then guided me through lands and said “this is your land...all of it”.

I am thankful for this moment in now- thankful for gnoledge of self and thankful to be able to walk with my ancestors on our land that was given to us from Source.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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