Here are just a few things to remember while visiting the Quantum field:

1. The field is the sole governing agency of the "particle". In this instance "I am" the particle.

2. I use non verbal language to communicate such as colors, numbers, gestures, mirrors, scents, food, etc. If I notice for a second that when I dream; I never encounter someone's mouth moving however I hear them very clear. I can even recognize a person by their signature sound or aka "voice". This is the same way I communicate in the physical realm.

3. Larger objects carry a bigger vibrational energy. I have the ability to manage this energy. Tell it what its purpose is and not the other way around. I don't let things such as money tell me what to do- I direct it. For example; in the old world I had so much stuff ie; clothes, shoes, etc and most of those things were brought just because I had the money to buy it and not because the money was working for me. It's good to have nice things- especially if the purpose of it is to advance the Kingdom.

Listen, it might seem silly to speak to things however I am coming from a place of frequency and it matters to command matter. If I purchase anything, a house, or a computer- tell it what it is meant for. If I purchase a car; tell the car what I will be using it for and be detailed. Even if it is something that has not materialized yet- I still inform the car of it's purpose; to not only protect me , my family and every being that gets inside of it but to also thank it for all the new people that I will meet while inside of it. Allow the earth to accept me and my vehicle as we travel together. Thank it for all the trips to the bank and all the trips to signing deeds for my properties, etc.

4. The waves that interact with each other create different patterns. In other words; if our waves are interacting with each other then we will experience the same reality but in different patterns. For example; I am literally sitting in indian style on my bed typing this- you could be sitting in indian style somewhere else reading this, or on a bed somewhere reading this, or near something bright yellow (my blanket is yellow lol) while reading this or literally have indian style while reading this. I also have a open book near me, a remote controller and the numbers 9/11. I'm wearing a basketball jersey and my hair is in a bun; I just added more description because that opens up the field even wider.

Also, in order to observe this field in my physical realm; I have to "unpack it". For example; I can have a dream that includes so many different elements; and I break the dream down...who was there, what we are doing, what colors did I observe, etc; I have to do the same thing here... that is unpacking. You tie those events to one another and that connects you to "now" It allows more possibilities to happen. That is the present moment- unpacking your gifts. If you are wondering how to get started with this it's easy- just observe the things around you that you don't normally observe. Like the things I mentioned above; are there any variations of those things around you now?

5. Large objects do not produce a striped pattern but smaller ones do. It's great to work in the quantum field because my energy is focused on the smaller parts of my reality which creates an easy to distinguish pattern. When you are focused on something larger like a system or a government; that is a larger pattern because there is so much energy in that field- vibrating all at different patterns. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. You can easily align with a striped pattern. Think in terms of parking your car with a rear facing camera.

Now, it's not impossible to find a needle in a haystack when you are dealing with Source. You just have to disrupt the pattern.

6. Everything is made up of the same thing.....nothing is solid; it's just the rate of the vibration that makes it appear as a solid. Which means you have the ability to communicate with everything- as long as you are aware of the vibrational pattern that it is emitting (see 2-5)

7. Every thought gives off a vibration. The best thought to have is a neutral one. This is something that I have been trained to remember how to do. I am currently experiencing this optic. For example; if I have a thought that I want to experience observing a bunny; I have to have another thought that doesn't want to experience that. However; each thought has to be intentional. It helps to know every version of self because all versions are "going with the flow". Equal balance that assists with neutrality.; speaks in regards to the striped patterns and "parking"

Just to give you some background on remaining neutral; we are speaking about particle physics and you can find more about this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truly_neutral_particle

8. Emotion is also a vibration- you carry that pattern around with you. Emotion is energy in motion. E mc2 a very popular equation. You figure out how long it takes for your energy to move around the shape of the area you are in. This allows you to

9. vibrate really slow in order to appear in a solid state.

10. To slow down a vibration you have to stop movement aka park. Literally be still, in the mind and the body. For example; if I want to catch up with myself - I have to slow down my energy or field and allow that vibration to catch up with me. No physical movement and no thoughts that are focused on self- both of these points have to be in a "neutral" state. In the old world; one had to work to reach such a goal.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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