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On 3/30/2020 at 4:00pm I went to an area known as Kit Carson Park to meet up with my ancestors. When I first got there I observed an orange tree. Oranges symbolize my ancestral lineage as well as “sign posts” to let me know when I’m headed in the right direction.

I walked the grounds and went up to the top of a hill; on the way I observed a heart which was a sign for me to speak freely from my heart... which I did.

I felt a breeze pass over me, I felt the sun kissing my face and as I looked up I was standing right under the moon- just a few feet away from me was the element of water. I literally had everything in my company at that moment...thankful can’t describe it.

After that I started to walk back down the hill towards the orange trees; I kept saying how thankful I was to be in that moment. I picked a few oranges and then I got in the car and pulled off.

I couldn’t see with my eyes what was happening but I knew something big was cooking. Why else would I observe the presence of so many other beings at that particular point in time? It almost started to just haunt me because for the rest of the day I kept seeing my ancestors name everywhere.

The next day (which is now) I woke up feeling extremely weird. I was not only tired but I had 9/11 playing in my mind for some reason. I even asked someone; "what if the government has insight into other realms but because they don’t really speak the language they translate things wrong and 9/11 could of been manifested in this realm as a tragedy because of the concept of fear." So for example let’s say the intelligence that the government had was this:

911 us planes...towers...major city...end of old world

In someone’s mind who is not familiar with the mechanics of the language they would take that to mean that it’s an emergency and planes need to fly into landmarks to prevent an attack on mankind.

However; what if the message really was

911 us planes...towers...major city...end of old world

Translated as :

Door open for Creation, return of ancient ones to landmarks in major cities...towers will fall as a sign of the upcoming new world

To a human operating in time; they will always be too late. For a being operating in now; it’s moments like this that make time obsolete.

Even the towers falling speaks to our ancestors tearing down old towers that have been built up erroneously.

This is the same theory that I have about the corona virus and pretty much any huge event that mankind has experienced since this technology became known.

All of this just flooded into my being today- which was a lot to take in. Until I sat with it, prayed, purged and started to write this post. Everything happens for a reason- I was looking for a picture to add to this post of Queen Califia (because that’s what I thought I was writing about...my ancestors) and I found a picture of her and an owl. In a previous post entitled “Manipulating Matter”, I have been tracking the presence of the owl; it’s a sign that a door is opening and light is being shown.

Just like in my dream.

I went back to review my realm reminders for each day that I saw the owl up until today:

to be continued...

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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