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Scriptures... ugh what can I say. As I observe the world around me I cant help but call it what it is- it is a system. When I read scriptures it’s literally the same thing running over and over again. It tries to get in my mind to erase the new memories with the same old script.

How do I leave that space?

Hack the system.

The bible is not the end all say all. How could it be? Think about it, each civilization has their interpretation of a bible. Each individual has their interpretation of God. In order for the bible to be what it says it is then the entire world would operate by it. There are civilizations out there that have never heard or seen a bible before- are they punished by the scriptures in it? No.

There is a reason why scripture points you inward...subtly and points you outward blatantly.

Have you ever wondered what Bible my ancestors were using? Their bible was the breath of Source - no third party just the direct word aka breath of Source. And that breath came from inward- not outward.

The bible is written using algorithms...trust me.

If you check out Numbers 7:14...

“One spoon of ten shekels of gold, full of incense”

.......algorithms lol.

The circuit board is connected to everything and you are very well versed in the fact that the numbers are what control the system- it gets it’s commands/functions from the binary language of numbers. Algorithms have been getting smarter and stronger over time; by observing human behavior and constructing an illusionary environment to prop up a false sense of freedom.

These constructs have placed boundaries on not just individuals but bloodlines. Limiting their movement so they are confined to live out the probabilities that the realm has set up for them. For example, when you arrive in this system as what they call a “baby” ; it’s already pre-determined by the realm what actions you will take as you grow along. The only way to hack the system is to be an interruption to it. Really consider the choices that you make- fuck up the algorithm.

When I was in Richmond; there was only a certain amount of money I could make, there was a certain job title that I could hold, there were certain neighborhoods that I could live in, churches to go to, foods to eat... and along the way I picked up systematically assigned road blocks that were designed to keep me right where I was. Such as credit/banking systems, judicial systems, education systems,etc.

By leaving energetic signatures in places like London, Rome, Hawaii , Philadelphia, Georgia, California etc. I interrupted the system. It did not expect that- the realm expected me

  • to be addicted to drugs in Richmond

  • to commit suicide in Richmond

  • to remain in poverty in Richmond

Things seem a little rough because you have became an interruption. The definition of interruption is to break the continuity of a line or surface. Those three options I mentioned above have already occurred on my bloodline. Of course the realm may think that I could move and bring the bullshit with me however I don’t do drugs and don’t plan on it, I’m balanced enough to never take my life gnoing that it’s not mine to take, I have written my own price tag which allows me financial freedom. The wheel does not stop rolling with me; the fact that I have shown my children that there “is more to life” than what they see, ensures that they will find the propped up world to be annoying, frustrating and confining- luckily for them the spiritual, financial and mental freedom will just be passed along which will assist them with self discovery even faster.

You can become a security hack to the system by recognizing and recording the actions you take so you can see cause and effect. There is a (free) wheel that we all operate on however depending on your choices you either move frontwards, backwards , or not at all.

After Source showed me the “wheel” I immediately sketched it. As a traveler; I can access any given point while maintaining balance in “now” I can keep the wheel moving in a direction that encourages expansion. In between each direction is a womb or an area to be birthed. You can not just look at North, South, East, West - but the space in between each is the area that allows quantum leaps to happen. That is the space to tap into.

The physical world seems chaotic right? It’s because it had to go offline and figure out the next move- there are millions of beings that received a crown of light (aka corona) and that energy has interrupted the old system. It’s only going to get better. This is a beautiful moment to be alive...truly.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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