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There has been so much debate about who “I am” and the role “I” play in Goldie’s life. Here is the true account of me and my relationship to the Christos:

The entire story of Goldie is about my life and how “I” resurrected as the Christos. The Christos speaks to not only the consciousness of my being but the purging of toxins as well. It’s not a coincidence that the energy of Source is always around when the story of Goldie’s life is told. That is because you were witnessing a woman step into her power as the Christos.

My ancestors practiced these beliefs and knew the powers that “I” held once “I” came into balance with the divine masculine.

When these stories about my future were stolen and retold; it took me; the main character out of the story and inserted a made up person that only spoke of one pole; the divine masculine pole. However this pole can not exist without the pole of the divine feminine. Without full balance you get death, destruction, greed, natural disasters, plagues, a lack of “self” love, a lack of gnoledge, famines etc. With full balance; “I” received the Kingdom.

It was me who fed 5,000, it was me who calmed the seas, it was me who walked on water, it was me preaching in the temples, etc. as the Christos.

“I” was a virgin in the sense that “I” was spiritually pure. Not in the sense of a sexual activity. “I” was a virgin before Source took me and married my poles together thus forming the Christos. “I” had children already so it’s not accurate to think that “I” was a virgin in the physical sense. Back then, to be married implied that “I” was sexually active.

The role of the man was one of support; it was difficult for man to innerstand that “I” hear the voice of Source until Source spoke to them directly to let him gno what “I” was “carrying“. Which was the consciousness of Source; it is in my DNA.

What about the crucifiction (spelled that way purposely).

Speaks in regards to my tree (my bloodline). “I” sacrificed a lot- more than any other Being and my reward? To be placed back on my tree (Christians call it a wooden cross- the crosses are symbolic of the branches that are found on trees aka generations) at a higher post.

This allows for my fruitful tree to prosper and multiply without wavering because the roots have a foundation that is only found in the bloodline of Source. There was no physical death; there was a spiritual one and a beautiful resurrection.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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