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Updated: Apr 7

I started my new cycle on 03.20.2020; thank you for my tree Creator.

Thank you for planting us strong and resilient. Idc about money or the dumb shit it can afford to me. My tree is what I care about. I want it to reach heaven and beyond.

I may have been distracted at times however you are always with me and that’s a comforter that no type of money could ever buy.

The other day I wrote to you saying what my needs were; you wrote back saying that I didn’t innerstand what my needs were and that brought me confusion which led me to a place of balance.

It showed me how I have been off balance; driving with 3 wheels per se. I thought I needed to work jobs to get money to provide all these things that ultimately did not matter.

However, that wasn’t what I needed.

What I needed was clarity at all times to hear you speak so I can bring that information back to my tribe and we act accordingly. No job could ever provide that and no money could ever buy that.

My oldest daughter is 22 and she probably has no idea where those expensive sneakers are that I brought her growing up- however she gnos gnoledge- divine gnoledge.

My middle daughter is 18, and she doesn’t have one thought about that old cellphone she begged for when she was 12- however she gnos gnoledge- divine gnoledge.

My son is 13, and he is so into his playstation right now- however he gnos gnoledge- divine gnoledge. He is consciously aware of his night time travels through the ether. He can come to me for clarity on that- not the playstation.

What did it cost me?

Everything that I didn’t need.

Praises to the Most High


There are other travelers that assist me along the way each and every day. Tonette, thank you so much for helping me gain clarity and balance. You are so loved 💜

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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