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The thing about arriving in a new location is that it takes a minute for the memories to come back. I noticed as I read over my travels, I have moments of revelation that are very similiar to other moments however; for some reason I don’t always remember the entire revelation. I understand the importance of writing these blogs, tracking my movements and leaving videos behind..... it helps me confidently move through time; taking notes of causes so I can clearly see the effects.

At one point I thought I was tripping because how can I time travel without a time machine? As I was researching what Tesla discovered while researching time travel, it dawned on me that I am inside of the time machine. It’s actually quite comical when I think about it.

This system that I exist inside of is a machine within itself and it’s powered by time. That gnoledge came with evolution.

There are fields that are “governed “ by certain frequencies and these fields have the power to “direct” the individual that enters into them. An example of this could be me seemingly “feeling” sad for no reason at all or if I am unable to observe the “now” in a present moment.

That is because I am in a field that is governing my “feelings” thus keeping me attached to a certain point in time.

My ancestors play a important role in these fields because everything is happening now.... right now.

My movement, my evolution assists with their movement and their evolution. When I experience freedom from certain frequencies this removes the shackles that were governed by the fields.

My heart is my gauge and that is why it remains neutral. The other day, I spoke about the heart not having anything to do with emotions and that is law.

My heart is here to evolve which I interpret as love and for some reason associate that with emotions.

Negative emotions actually can harm the heart; it can do physical damage. Since I live in a parodoxical world; I can’t have negative without positive so the only soulution for my heart is to remain neutral. Sure I will experience emotions however they are not in control... my heart is.

Just think about it; do I really love the people I say I love? I have no issues with forgiveness because my heart has evolved to a neutral place where I innerstand that everything....EVERYTHING happens for a reason and there is nothing to get attached to.

Plus I can’t blame someone for something that they don’t gno. Most issues stem from a degree of ignorance.

The lesson is for me to evolve. To love is to evolve, to love is law. At one point in my life the definition of love was undefined and replaced with emotions; in turn I put myself and others into bondage in these invisible fields or points in time.

The only person I am responsible for evolving is me. Am I in love with myself? In other words, am I allowing the self to evolve or am I stuck in a field making decisions based off emotions?

I won’t answer this question based on the evolution of technology.. but based on the evolution of me. I innerstand why I am here. I innerstand why I sneeze. I travel to the meridian lines on MY body. All that I have learned; I have learned about ME; so yes I am in love with myself.

Food and Weight

I can eat whatever I want however I eat light because it allows me to remain lite enough to travel. My physical weight has a huge impact on the trajectory of my field. How far and how fast I can make “ripples” or moves- aka how many timelines I experience at any given moment.

Everything carries a frequency and I keep that in mind with what I choose to eat. Every choice or decision is made with my purpose in mind.... to evolve.

I also had to innerstand how all this is related to the Creator. The trick to innerstanding this concept is I had to learn how to work with the machine... not destroy it.

Each magnetic field represents a door that I have to be conscious enough to sense the presence of; thus allowing me to move freely through time on my own terms.

These are true keys being given to me.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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