Today is the first day of Creation and I must say it has been an amazing one. I want to tell you every little detail but I know you are busy creating too so I wont hold you up to long. I woke up this am and said my thank you to Amun Ra and my Ancestors and I immediately started thinking of all the beautiful things that I wanted to create.

Then I checked myself and said no this could be my ego talking and I don’t want to create in vain so I thought about something else. Then my mind jumped to how abruptly Ja left out a little while earlier and I felt a little slighted. The old me would of held on to that until it turned into something else.

Something else like doubting myself and my ability in our relationship or a lack of trust. I shook that off and told myself to just tell him how I felt; maybe he didn’t even realize how I felt because all he has is his own perspective. Once I bought it to his attention he apologized and assured me that those weren’t his intentions he was just running late so he wasn’t able to give me that time that he usually gives to me before he goes to work. We successfully communicated and moved on from that situation while operating from a place of love and I am truly thankful for that.

I work from home so I literally sit in my robe until I finish going threw emails and sipping on herbal tea but this morning I found myself looking in the mirror in full workout gear and I thought “it looks like I’m going to the gym” but that wasn’t my intention. My intention was to just put some clothes on THEN go threw emails as I sipped on my tea.

Just as I was opening up my email (if your wondering about the status of the tea, it was made at this point) my oldest daughter texted me and said “Mom, I’m on my way over, we should hit the gym”. I couldn’t say no, heck I was already ready!! Once she got there we talked for a bit and had an amazing workout. I love spending any amount of time with my children so our gym time meant more to me than just a workout.

Once we were done at the gym, I told my daughter I would walk her to her car and as we were walking; I get another text. This one from my best friend saying she was outside in the parking lot. My daughter and I said our “see you laters” and then I walked over to my bestie, gave her a huge hug (we haven’t seen each other in like two weeks…..which in female time, is forever) and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk so we could catch up. As we were walking, we ended up in front of a art gallery and they had a big sign up that said free to the public. I said “ooh let’s go in here” she said “what if it’s not free?” “I said it says free to the public, we are the public so let’s check it out”.

We walk in and this really nice lady greets us and invites us to a free event on Friday. She gives us some info on the gallery and the artists and then suggested that we take a look around. The first studio was okay; I wasn’t really feeling the vibe. Let me set the scene for you….there were over 50 different pieces and I couldn’t relate to any of them. I literally felt like I was surrounded by blonde hair and blue eyes. Not to take anything away from the artist because the paintings were really good but that wasn’t for me so we traveled next door to the next studio, then the next, and before you know it we had visited seven different studios and I enjoyed all of them (minus the first one).

There was a beautiful piece that one of the artist did of Chris Brown and another one that was just a old pair of Reebok classics but those two really struck a chord with me. We had to wrap up our art adventure because my friend had to go to work. As I am walking back into the building where I live, my phone goes off. It’s a text message from my other bestie….. she sent a screenshot of a post that said

” scientist confirmed that people are capable of absorbing energy from others”…… and guess who posted it? None other than Chris Brown!


It is now March of 2020 and this post was done in 2018. The trip to the art gallery was done the day after the 7 day creation challenge. There were 7 rooms because each room represented a dream that I could access. I chose the room that included the Reebok classics as one of my favorites and now in March of 2020 I find myself in a reality that I created; living in a studio and rocking my Reeboks

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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