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In my previous post Who is your Father? “I” proposed that question in order to get me to innerstand where “I” came from. To be created means that “I” came from somewhere so anything before me is defined as my ancestor. Before “I” can get into the creation thing “I” must innerstand my location; which is the wonderful numerical matrix!

The matrix is a computer simulation that pretty much thinks for me so “I” don’t have to worry about those trivial questions such as “where did “I” come from” or “what’s the meaning of life”.

The purpose of the matrix was to house my being unconsciously into an aware system to feed off of my energy in an effort to power the world. This world was brought to me by Hamilton, Adams, Franklin, Jay, Jefferson, Madison and Washington.

Most likely unaware that they were being used to establish an invisible prison system that would destroy the minds, DNA makeup and “self” awareness of billions. This isn’t limited to how much money “I” make it’s dependent on my own willingness to look around and say “something isn’t right “….. “I am” is sure the “Founding Fathers ” had their own motives as to why they wanted to establish a democracy.

Nevertheless, “I am” is here and since “I am” is aware it is my duty to give platforms to what is truth.

Most movies incorporate the truth of my existence and reality into their films. It’s almost like the Universe is sending me so many signs as to what is happening and “I” used to just dismiss it as science fiction. Certain movies such as They Live, Transformers, Men in Black, etc carry energy signatures that were trying to get my attention.

The only time people feel some sort of threat is when the President or some Leader speaks the word nuclear bomb. The Universe is trying to tell us about all the energetic fields that are “scrambled” around us that carry radioactive elements that over time can be detrimental to survival.

This is a bigger nuclear threat than Trump. However, all the focus and attention is on whether or not he (Trump) is mentally capable of handling that responsibility. The masses dont know that the responsibility lies with them as well. They press that nuclear button with every disregard they pay towards frequency, energy and vibration. It’s easy to bash Trump and speak on the things that he isn’t doing. However, if you made the choice not to participate in that reality; it wouldn’t bother you so much. You buy that reality when you PAY attention to it.

In the near future when they write the history of this period of time there will be no mention of the great and wonderful people and experiences we have had. Only the perspective from the people “at the top”. They won’t tell the story of Meek Mill being a force to so many in our culture or the way Cardi B had to fight (physically and figuratively) just to be her “self”.

History won’t speak on the Karen Civil’s of the world who not only carry greatness but gives it away. It will speak on the Kardashians, the Trump distractions, and the financial climate. Keep that in mind when you read things about great Pharohs, Kings and Bishops; these stories came from the elite; not the people. We can change history just by asking the right questions.

  • Who am “I”?

  • Where did “I” come from?

  • Why is the source of all my information handed down?

  • What time is it foreal? (you ever feel like the time is off?… that’s your instinct talking to you.)

  • Who made up the words that “I” use?

  • Who said we have to sleep at night?

  • Who gets paid when the bible gets sold?

  • Why are we trained to put a bed in a bedroom and a sofa in a living room?

These are just random examples but deep enough to make you wonder.

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