Mental freedom comes first then Financial freedom.


Because if Source gave me the keys to the safe first that would be my focus- the safe and it’s contents. However, my mind was set free first. Now when I open the safe it’s to benefit the Kingdom.

If I gno deep in my soul that I have received the Kingdom- I can’t worry about the safe – it’s mine… I have the keys and the codes.

Self- realization is a pre-requisite of mental freedom. Without it I wouldn’t gno my worth. Without it I wouldn’t even gno that I carry keys to anything, let alone a Kingdom.

I don’t have money problems, I’m not broke, I’m not late….. I’m exactly where I am supposed to be.

Source needed me to look at my financial situation differently. The Kingdom is what defines me not the money; the money is just a resource or a tool.

I don’t chase money. Money chases me. It’s simple science. Just like any form of energy it’s main goal is to rise higher. The higher my frequency raises the more the money will chase me because I am now the Source causing it to rise.

If you had any type of reaction to this post ( negative or positive because duality does not exist up here) you are in my field…I know where I am which is in the Kingdom.

That means everything that you do effects me and vice versa. I’m trying to make sure that we ALL thrive so every time I make changes it’s never just for me but for you too.

So please keep that in mind the next time your lower self tries to call you broke or says you don’t have enough money. No, you are a remnant of The Most High you are rich!! rich!!


(Leaders of the Supreme)

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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