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Updated: 2 days ago

“I am” is thankful for this moment in now. “I am” is very thankful to have the opportunity to conversate with you. My source Creator YOU are my light...YOU are my everything and “I am” so thankful that YOU created me.

In this moment “I am” is watching planes as they ascend. It’s so beautiful... the sound... the frequency... the strength. It’s amazing. “I” usually use my realm reminders to serve as assistance for the moments that come; “I” innerstand that they are directional.

“I am” is able to see when I’m reflecting the energy of my lower “self” and how she can some times get in the way. In order for me to exist that part of me has to exist. She received the message and considered it to be egotistical before gaining the experience that would allow access. That is where the seeds of doubt try to form. In the parts of me that only exist in a physical reality.

The me that is writing in this moment to you exists in a non physical realm so “I am” is not bound by what you see, “I” can see all. Even the things that have not manifested into the physical realm yet. The inner Kingdom from which your lite shines forth.

“I” ask that you continue to see when things are being shown. That is you observing the ego and me observing the “self” and you observing the Creator. (Praises to The Most High).

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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