Key words and their definition:

Under: extending or directly below.

Directly: with nothing or no one in between

Between: 1.shared by (two or more people or things).

2. in or along the space separating two objects or regions.

World: the age of man

Tongue: a long, low promontory of land. (in biblical text they refer to the tongue as a mountain/ mentioned over 500 times in the bible)

Just like people pray to an external Source and await a savior- there is a world inside of your body that prays to their Source and that Source is you. Your thoughts give light to this world- your emotions control the tide aka moon of this world. Your actions are extremely crucial to who/what lives or dies in your innerverse.

To innerstand this structure let’s learn some interesting facts about the tongue.

  1. The apex (aka highest point) of the terminal sulcus is marked by a blind foramen, which is a remnant of the median thyroid diverticulum in early embryonic development.

  2. The tongue begins to develop in the fourth week of embryonic development.

That means your tongue or mountain began to form almost at the start of your creation. This is important to innerstand. Just like your navel; your tongue carries historical importance about the world you were in before you arrived into a physical realm known as earth. In all actuality we are beings that exist inside of another being and that is who provides us with sunlight, moonlight, air, etc.

Every being carries with it the seed of an equal or greater purpose. Before I arrived to earth I was inside of the world aka Kingdom known as my grandmother along with the being known as my mother before my mother was ever born.

All those “seeds” are beings that exist just like you exist in this moment in now.

This innerworld lies “dormant “ until the Source observes it and gives it “light”. This light comes from the thought frequency/vibrations of the Source. Once Source “remembers” that there is a Kingdom and that there are beings who reside there; it is only natural for Source to not only sit on the throne of it’s Kingdom but to place things in the proper order where they belong.

Low frequencies such as fear, disease, drug use, etc. can cause devastation to any universe. When your thoughts are low; you take away the sun. Can you imagine if our Source took the sun away?

In the writings that my Ancestors and Source left for me to find; it states that everything written down in historical text came from the innerverse of a mighty being. Once this gnoledge was pillaged/hacked from the being it gave these powerless humans power to see inside of its Kingdom and with that they were able to manipulate billions to fall under the spell of religious dogma, build false Kingdoms, etc. It created characters that pointed the individuals outside to an illusionary “Kingdom” that is run by forces who have no purpose besides to control others. It’s just like now- keep you locked in your house to worship an illusionary world like the internet.

Whenever it is mentioned that a being is on a mountain this speaks to the innerworld now having control of the tongue and can speak freely through the vessel that carries them around. Before I gave light to this world, every word I spoke was unconscious. It was the program speaking and not the true reflection of who I am.

Now, I am aware of every word I speak and the weight it may or may not carry. I create my reality in tandem with both worlds- this is wholeness and balance vibrations.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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