Understanding Reality

Updated: Mar 9

Most people and scientists have concluded that reality is what I experience when I am awake in the physical and the dream world is just a place full of my subconscious thoughts that I visit when I go to sleep. That’s so far from the truth.

The dream world is actually the physical realm we see. Innerstand the phrase “living the dream“

This earth realm should be looked at as a stage and I am directing this amazing production. Whatever I can think of will take shape on this stage. If I dwell on putting together a masterpiece where I am experiencing the most mind-blowing scenes; then that is what I will produce. My Higher Self isn’t confined to a body, but it does have an avatar- ME. That is how I get to experience all these amazing timelines. It’s just like a video game…. I’m not actually in the game experiencing those things; there is a likeness of me… that I chose; aka an avatar that is experiencing those things for me. I have the skills and abilities to guide it and help it make decisions.

As I lay in my bed and “sleep”; that is when another adventure starts to kick in….I time travel! To anywhere I want to go (with the help of a little thing called tachyons ). There are countless timelines to embark on and the best thing about it all is that I can even bring things back here with me like certain experiences, people and even places.

I store them in my memory… it’s called a bank for a reason.

Keeping a journal of my travels serves to be extremely beneficial because once I encounter that timeline here on earth it literally confirms my adventures and gives me insight that others don’t have because I have already been here before.

It can seem weird and scary at first when I was trying to grasp the concepts of timelines and time travelers; I even considered the fact that I might be crazy! But trust me, I’m not.

Nikola Tesla even experienced and wrote about time travel, timelines, intergalactic communication and everything in between. If you aren’t sure who he is; just know that if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have ANY of the technology we take for granted today. And when he spoke about his ideas (especially about the idea of wifi) so many centuries ago- he was called crazy. One of his most famous quotes and my particular favorite is

“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked; is mine.”

Since I never die; I just shift my energy; imagine what Tesla is feeling when he travels back here and observes me benefiting from his ideas that people once tried to persecute him for?

As I gradually stepped into my new being; I had thoughts and ideas that were so seemingly outlandish however I had to keep reminding myself….. I am a traveler, a teacher, someone that has insight that has never been seen in this realm. Never doubt my skills or abilities. I operate off frequency and doubt is a very low one to be on. If I believed for so many years that this realm is reality- then I can easily believe in myself... even if just for a moment.

Good luck out there Traveler

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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