Truth about the pyramids

Updated: Apr 11

The pyramids are a power source for the matrix. They were built as a tool to make/design a false frequency. The original frequency of "reincarnation" was hijacked- therefore causing me to return into the Old World instead of traveling through the cosmos to reach the New World- which would be the world I created in my last remembered life. In the old world this resulted in a "time loop" repeating the same things, over and over and over and over and over again with no memory whatsoever that I just left this place. I just picked up my assigned names, religious text, traditions and beliefs and did it all over again.

Once the signal emitting from the pyramids were "disconnected" - which it slowly has been due to the activation of the Ancient Ones. Our frequency is powerful enough to provide a frequency for us to safely regain our memories back, navigate away from the lower frequencies and travel to the new world that we created..

The pyramids are not just located in Egypt. The ones in Egypt were the "beta" designs. These pyramids were strategically placed and built on lay-lines where amplification of the signal could penetrate throughout the field.

The notion that the pyramids could never be replicated because we lack the technology is true and false at the same time. It just depends on the angle I am looking in. See, it's true because it's a huge power grid and to rebuild it means a new lie has to be spread and a new system implemented without the awareness of the public (and this is what is actually going on with cellphone towers) It's false because the pyramids are just a copy of the real thing which is you and me.

The same way the pyramids "project" an illusion and I believe it to be "real"; I have the same technology within. Without gaining this gnoledge of self; Beings are returning back to this false upside down world with full forgetfulness of who they are and where they are at.

It's so much that you need to know.... I will definitely be back with more information- I hope to share with you about the Nuclear attack that happened in the 1980's and how billions of people died- minus the Ancient Ones. I might say " I remember the 80's and there was no attack", well keep in mind you were stuck in a loop so the 1980's have occurred more than once; just like the 90's and several other decades.

After the war, the "idea" came to build an external "world" . I am not sure if the radiation is what caused the memory loss but for some reason something felt like I needed an external system.

The fact that politicians are always threatening nuclear war is just a remnant of a memory from the attack. They subconsciously remember that it happened- and so do you. It is why so many souls immediately get afraid at the mention of a nuclear attack. They remember all the devastation and death and just the rebuilding that had to take place after the war.

The fact that I had to live underground for decades before I could even see the sun again was not only traumatic but soul changing. The most important thing about attaining all this information is to not judge- do not judge myself or any other Being that may have been involved - all is self.

A lot of this truth may seem scary at first; however all I have to do is remember that I have done this before so nothing can hurt me - I gno the way out.

I am a survivor - never a victim.

Love you.

Amun Ra

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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