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The Universal Language on this level is all tones. When I string tones together I create beautiful music. Each word that was given to me upon my arrival (aka my name) started from a simple tone or frequency; once it arrived into the physical realm it manifested as a “name”. This is the “word” that was originally with God mentioned in John 1:1.

I physically exist inside a number based system and since numbers are not man-made one can only conclude that they carry tones as well. Each tone plays a major role in conducting my “symphony” aka my tones becoming harmonic with the tones of the realm. Below I have listed each number found in my field, the harmonic tone/name associated with each and their purpose:

Number Name/Tone Purpose

1 Goldie Tune in/ radio

11 Bihiyia Bridge to other versions of self / traveler

3 Hi Provide sacred knowledge of self

4 Dra Innerstanding of the field (plasma, magnetic, etc.)

5 San Settler/Aboriginal ..neutral

6 Lt Illuminates all so they can guide

7 Ord “The Ancient Ones”- help with regaining memories

8 Dif Cosmic identification card

9 Yia Totality of me = everything

0 San The womb in which I was birthed

There is a sequence that I am attached to; innerstanding this sequence isn't the easiest thing in the world; literally getting to gno myself on all levels is a huge requirement for innerstanding the totality of myself.

Even my date of birth speaks to my path or journey. the frequency that is associated with the numbers 7 1 4 defines my path- to not let my tones return void.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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