Time is money

Updated: Apr 7

While praying for something such as “money”, what I actually receive is an allotment of time. It is then my choice to decide what I will do with that time. For example, let‘s say I pray for $300.00; I will receive additional “time” that will allow me to create experiences in order to receive the $300.00 that I requested.

Time is my true currency and I can spend it on experiences that will yield me physical currency such as acquiring that $300.00. There is a bit of a twist to this process..... once I have reached the goal it is ”time” to set a new one and move on from that “spring”. Time must always be spent wisely; it is not wise to take more than needed.

The “spring” that gave me the $300.00 carries a cap or a boundary. I will never go over the $300.00 at that particular spring. I got what I needed and now it is time to move on. So many beings “forgot” why they decided to stop at certain springs in the first place and this manifests as someone working a job however they still cannot get ahead- it’s because that spring is too small to fill your new need. Even if you get a raise; it will never be enough because you require something that that particular spring is not designed to give to you. I could not understand why when I was in Richmond I could never get ahead. Even if I worked a job that paid more- I never saw it. I was at an old spring.

Recognize your blessings when they come- they will assist you with movement. 📸 The word blessing implies “to go with God” I can never be fearful of moving to a new spring when I gno where my blessings come from.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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