This is why a traditional “DNA test” can not tell you who your parents truly are.

Updated: Mar 9

DNA is like a common thread, it tells me who was on my thread (or timeline) before me……..consider an iPhone. If we looked inside of the first generation; there may be something in there written that serves as a code; the foundation of the iPhone. Go to each generation that came after that and I will see the same foundation but there will be some enhancements to the phone to make it operate more sufficiently for those “times”.

For example; there may be apps available on a newer model of an iPhone that an older model wouldn’t be able to comprehend. On a high level; we can conclude that each phone is a descendent of the first generation iPhone.

But does that mean each iPhone that followed the previous generation made by the previous generation….or was it the idea of an entirely different being?

to be continued……..

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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