The ”Person”, The Ego”, The ”Shadow”, The ”Individual” & ”I”...

A lot of struggles come from a false understanding of the information that is readily available. For example, you have $5.00 so you purchase $5.00 worth of whatever you are shopping for. That is what you have concluded with the information that is in front you.

But who is making that conclusion? Is it the ”person” aka “shadow” who only has evidence of $5.00, surrounded by things that may hopefully cost $4.99 or less? Or is it the “Higher Self” whose discernment could make the ”I” the owner of the very store it's standing in?

Observing things from the ”person”, “shadow”, ”individual”, ”ego” or the “I” perspective, causes attachments to form and feeds the appetite of the ”ego”. Which was once a loud voice screaming all types of things to just a distant memory that has faded out.

Now that ”I” can recognize ”ego”, “self” exposes it every time. That is how you escape struggles. The ”ego” hides in the dark places that require light to free up space.

The “I”, the ”ego”, the ”shadow”, the ”individual”, the ”person” has wants, a ridiculous amount of wants. Those wants can turn into attachments which changes the whole experience of existence.

As women, we are sometimes approached by men to do things that only serve the ego. Sometimes it's in exchange for money, opportunities or the thrill of someone else's man showing interest in you. It's not you that they are interested in... It's your ego (shadow), making a decision with limited information and vice versa.

Their shadow is attracted to your shadow. Which means this person is literally not in their right mind (aka Nation). If they knew the “self”; nothing could compromise the decisions that are being made; they are always made from a higher place.

We all exist in the being known as ”I am”, which means you are just attracting to you what you are. If you observe things from the perspective of the “Higher Self”; it's easy to just let those frequencies be like clouds passing on a sunny day. “Self” can see ego immediately - it's everywhere just like “I am”.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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