The beginning is the end...

Updated: Mar 11

If the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end, this speaks to a certain point of origination. The point of origination for my vessal would be a navel.... it is found in the center of my vessel; it is the point that bridges the above worlds (spirit) with the lower worlds (mind) ..... what I just described sounds like a being upside down and that is why balance is so important- the best position for me is to remain in the middle as the sole (soul) operator and conductor of my vessel.

Do I worship a thing? The term worship speaks in regards to war ships, vessels, boats, arks, etc. I can use the war ships of today to help bring clarity and insight into the purpose of my vessel.

Think about the plane I am on right now- instead of operating with my upside down mind I will use my navel to describe my vessel.

The word Navel means navy or ship- ship means a vessel used to carry people or goods by sea (or see).

How did I plant myself here?

I started at a singular point which my navel (belly button) is still attached to causing me to have “sight” which the root meaning of sight is a “cord” or “thread”. The only thing “corded” on my body was my umbilical cord.

My body or vessel is carrying around an entire world that sees via my navel- my navigator is housed in there or aka my Higher Self or aka the seat of my consciousness.

The original me that is still and always will remain connected to my Source Creator. There is no savior outside of me- my inheritence is in my DNA.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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