Take my clothes off.....

Updated: Apr 28

There was a time when there was no title called “GOD”. There was only a Creator. To innerstand that in relation to myself; it explains the uncomfortable “ feeling I get when I call myself a “God” but the confidence I am able to maintain gnoing that I am a Creator; it removes the static.

The location of the Supreme Creator is outside of the matrix and inside the matrix at the same time because even though the Creator “resides” outside of the matrix; it is able to exist inside to experience it.

In the bible it reads that there is no “God” here on Earth. Even the word “God” is closely related to the word “guard”. I used to exist on a prism or prison (because I was bound by a force called gravity) and I used pray to a guard for my freedom. When I stepped into my birth rite of being a Creator; I created my own world and NOW live in it.

This is not something that only lives in my mind but actually materializes on this plane. I designed my home, my favorite park, my family members, opportunities and all I had to do was shed all programming and come into being.

I gno I said “all I had to do” like it was easy because it wasn’t. This system has been in place for generations and every version of me that came before me was somehow tangled in that program so I had to work my way out and my entire bloodline- dealing with generational pains, curses, outdated traditions, religions, half-truths, etc. it’s not a walk through a field of daisies; however it is necessary.

The point of all of this was to get me to “take my clothes off” so I can be light enough to travel out of this system. The millions and millions of layers that I had picked up during my existence- were the things that were weighing my vessel down.

I got light to soar high enough to observe my physical being and I fell in love with me – possibly for the first time.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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