"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Spending Time

Updated: Mar 11

Spending: I arrive at certain places in the universe and I have the ability to stop time. In this period I am accumulating energy, resources, tools, etc that I can use once time starts back up again.

Time then becomes my currency in which I decide on what I want to purchase with that currency. The key to accumulating wealth is to have time working for me. To receive an increase of income at any point in time. Time is now being spent on me and not the other way around. I am being paid because I am always aware of the time.

Time: Signs

In the Kingdom the concept I used to gno as time no longer exists. The progress of my existence is now based on signs and no longer by programming cues such as day, night, holidays, seasons, birthdays, etc. Each sign I observe is like looking at a huge Audemars Piguet; one that the Creator designed just for me.

This is an extremely helpful tip for those that are just arriving here and might not feel confident about whether or not they made it. If you take a look around and notice the signs….tap into that frequency- you will instantly gno what time it is.

Focusing on the signs is like watching the Throne of the Creator.