Sneeze La Weez!

Updated: Apr 7


A sneeze is “launched” due to my magnetic field; it can contain as much mass as Earth. The effects from a sneeze causes a “ripple” that moves at hundreds of kilometers/ miles per second into nearby clouds of gas. As the ripples crash outwards they can move across hundreds of years on a single timeline.


Ripple: a sudden flash of increased brightness on me, usually observed near my face and in close proximity to an adjacent magnetic field. Powerful ripples are often, but not always, accompanied by water leaking from my eyes.

Sneezing can release up to 10.25 joules (pronounced jewels are units of energy)

Sneezing is closely associated with the ejection of plasmas and particles through my third eye into the outerworlds.

Sneezing also emits radio waves. The direction of the sneeze penetrates into the upper atmosphere and causes brightness of all my chakras aka activating long range radio communication. My chakras now serve as a “traffic single” dictating movement in and around my field.

It usually takes minutes for my plasma field to deliver the information/communication into the field (messages are sent telepathically using this conduit)

Sneezing effects ALL timelines of my atmosphere. The plasma medium is heated (aka I may encounter situations that cause me to heat up) , while electrons, protons and heavier ions are accelerated to near the speed of light. Most of the energy (when released) is spread over ALL frequencies that I reside on. Meaning this effects my higher self, lower self and every version of me in between.


Sneezing occurs when fast charged particles, mainly electrons, interact with my plasma field. When I sneeze more than once I am experiencing the phenomenon of Magnetic Re-connection; which is a series of closely occurring loops following magnetic lines of force.

The timelines quickly reconnect (where they were previously cut off or disconnected) into a lower arcade of loops leaving a helix of magnetic field unconnected to the rest of the arcade (matrix aka game).

The sudden release of energy is the origin of particle acceleration. This causes the dream field and the real field to violently expand outwards forming a mass ejection aka: REconnects DNA together like a puzzle piece.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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