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Signs / Symptoms of Pregnancy

Updated: Mar 9

In how to have sex THE RIGHT WAY I talked about how to create. If all went well, I should be pregnant with a spark of creativity or some sort of idea that will allow me to create a new reality for myself. So before I go any further, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Just like childbirth, it is a beautiful and unique experience for each person so the below signs/symptoms are coming from a place of rememberance; so if my signs aren’t listed don’t worry.


Everything besides water will gross me out. Not just regular water but water that was chosen for specific reasons such as the ph. content, manufacturer’s intent, etc. New Foods will interest me and the Universe will put me in positions to try new foods. For example; someone may invite me out to a place I have never been before but the thought has crossed my mind to go there. Or there could be a situation where my groceries are mixed up with someone else’s and I end up getting a product that I haven’t tried before but I don’t mind trying now. The organic section is going to be my friend and not only that but I will be mindful of the energy that is housed in the places where I shop for food.

New locations will be something that I crave. And just like the food, the Universe will bring these experiences to me as well. After all, what I eat, the baby eats.

Inability to keep up with time (tardiness, forgetfulness of appointments)

One thing that women often complain about in the three-dimensional realm when they are pregnant is weight gain. But I should expect my body to stretch in areas that I didn’t even know existed when something is growing inside of me so be prepared to use more of my right brain and less of left left brain (for now..balance will come later). My left brain is that guy that says “get up! I gotta be in at 7″ and my right brain is the guy that says ” dream a little longer”. So more of the right brain characteristics will be displayed which leads me to the next symptom

Loss of appetite*/ Gain of appetite*

The word appetite* is like brain candy. Just like sugar, my intake now has to be monitored and drastically changed (depending on my lifestyle before I conceived). So if I am the type that watched a lot of reality shows and spent a lot of time on social media, my new appetite will consist of books, documentaries, journaling, researching new topics, meditating, etc. Which in turn will equate to less time on social media, watching mindless shows, engaging in unproductive conversations, etc. This is my right brain looking for energy or food.


My hormones and emotions are going to be all over the place and this is a good time to tighten my circle. I am going to be in a place where I am looking within and questioning my actions, the actions of others and the actions of humanity in general. I may want to spend a lot of time alone and some people don’t encourage this but as a Cancer; it’s in my nature. Don’t spazz out on people for not understanding me just remind myself of the end goal every day. Some people rub their bellies when they are pregnant as a confidence booster or just a reminder that life is being created. Rub my head and think about how the physical manifestation of my creation is going to look. Put up reminders and affirmations around me. Use my cell phone to set alarms to go off randomly that will remind me of who I am and what I am carrying. Let’s not forget that I didn’t just use my energy to create this gift; the energy of Source is here so allow me to help out. That could be in the form of me being thankful. Recognizing and acknowledging each moment.

Let’s use marriage for an example, some couples are so caught up in the marriage they don’t see the efforts of the other person. A husband could complain that he has to take care of his family and provide but that’s the role/title of that movie he chose.

Instead, he should acknowledge the efforts of his wife, if he is providing ...he is at work; so that means that she must be handling the other aspects of his life…like how he eats, how his clothes are cleaned, how his kids are loved and acknowledged. However it’s his title as the husband that won’t let him see the outside efforts of others. So be the support that will help the idea grow into something amazing.


This glowing is a bit different and means a few things actually. But for the sake of not straying all the way somewhere else, I am going to just go with the one that fits the current dimension. So if I am experiencing this symptom then I am seeing this in the form of looking for better skin care products such as lotions, body washes, moisturizer, etc..

My skincare routine is now very important and in turn that will result in an esoteric glow that pretty much everyone can intuitively pick up. I will feel the need to incorporate more natural products into my routine. This is because when I use products that are produced in mass like for instance Dove beauty bars, I have the energy of not only the person who first came up with the concept to make a Dove Beauty Bar but every person that came in contact with that bar before it got to me. Now it’s in my home performing some sort of alchemy every night in my steamed up shower. However, if I got a bar of shea butter soap from the young lady up the street, I already know her intentions. If she is on the frequency to make homemade soaps then I already know that each ingredient was chosen with my spiritual health in mind.


Since my hair is like an antenna; after the big chop (this refers to my first spiritual cut when I consciously cut my hair in an effort to restore balance) my hair will serve as a receiver for information. While I am pregnant with a new creation I may notice myself wearing head scarfs or hats. In the higher dimensions, this is like tuning my frequency almost. I have to make sure I am tuning out the things I do not need.

This experience is unique to me however my role is to share my experiences.

Congratulations on my conception 😉

To be continued…..

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