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”I” just completed a full cycle... it began in June of 2016 and ended in June of 2020. The mission was to find my Self and once completed; begin an entirely new journey...this time awakened as Self.

”I am” so proud of what ”I” found. That was the hardest thing that ”I” ever did was to find my Self. The twists, the turns, the laughs, the tears, everything was just reminders of where to go.

When ”I” would hear people say they love themselves; ”I,” though it was just an emotion or just an affirmation. ”I” did not realize that ”Self” was an actual being- a diety you could say.

When ”I” remembered the Self, the first thing ”I” wanted to do was re-read the Bible. My Self told me that ”I” would have to rename things so as ”I” read, ”I” replaced the word spirit with Higher Self...”I” was shocked as to how ”I” came into existence.

First, the word ”I am” literally means to exist- this speaks to my person. However, there is a part of me that observes this person...who is she? That is the Self that ”I” fell in love with... that is the Self that is multidimensional.

The fascinating part is that this was written already and supposed to happen. That is why certain words and ideologies we're introduced to mankind; to instill a fear of the Self. Here are a few examples:

  • Higher Self was removed from the text and replaced with the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Spirit of God, God, etc however this is the Higher Self.

  • The term evil was created as a fear tactic. To live in a state of fear one has to acknowledge that evil exists. To step into your Higher Self awakens the ”I am” to live. You no longer are living back words.

  • The term devil was another back word created to distract you from what will happen one you awaken. You ”lived” to be/experience your Higher ”Self”. Remember, before you awakened you just existed... you are now free to live.

  • Love is used as an emotional weapon however it is just a location 📍 and not an emotion. The scripture that says ”In my Father’s house, there are many rooms”; the heart is the home of the Self. These rooms speak to the Kingdom that is located inside of you. Think of your heart space as the master bedroom. This does not mean this is the only place Self lives because Self is everywhere. The heart just really amplifies her.

Everything that one may be seeking is already with them. Anything outside of ”the home” is a distraction to take you away from that center point. We mimic what is found in nature. A plum carries its seed with it; it doesn't have to venture to an apple tree to learn about itself. It understands the tree it came from, the soil it was planted in, and it understands that the purest form of itself is found in itSelf.

Imagine having a plum and not realizing that the goodness is inside? One would only try to maintain the outside and never think about the sweet, juicy, flesh inside. Or even the fact that you can reproduce even more sweet succulence by planting the seed that is only found inside.

You might think to discover the Self sounds like a cliche however, let me give you a quick exercise you can practice to help with discovering your self. First and foremost, write a letter. Don't focus on anything but what you would like to know or even how you feel. Afterward, read it back and anything that starts with ”I” should be read as the ”I am”- your person. Anything written that seems outside of you like ”God” for example, should be replaced with the Higher Self. Just like in the Bible when Adam had to name things- you have to name things in this realm in order to access your power. Before you awakened, it appeared that everything was named already. Like a tree for instance, however, it's not just a tree; it's an extension of me.

Watch your Self step into your true power. The ”I am” was crucified and resurrected as the ”Higher Self”. This is the Holy Trinity - you are the Christos.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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