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Updated: Apr 11

In 2018 I remember having a financial issue and I went into meditation to see if I could get a solution from Amun Ra. The response I received was “sell something“. Fast forward to a rainy Saturday in 2020 while I am sitting at a traffic light I hear a whisper ......”sell something”. At this point my innerstanding of finances has become a little more balanced- I realize that what I don’t have, I don’t need and what I need is all that I have.

Earlier during that day I meditated on a decision about some big changes (including moving back to California) that have been sprouting up so “sail something“ was once being sent via Ra however it’s a different type of sell; it’s now a sail.

(I am typing this as I am gaining clarity so in other words; this is what I might call a “live travel”)

Sail: move smoothly and rapidly or in a stately or confident manner.

Lias: sail backwards (remember this is a mirrored realm) becomes the root word for liaison which means to communicate or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship.

The etymology of the word ”something” is sum thing which refers to mathematics; the mean which literally means “ intend or have in mind”. If the word something truly means the sum of a mind it would be the totality of myself. The word mind translates to "nation"

My advice is to go in the direction that is beneficial to the “whole”; every version of myself. To “sail something” speaks in regards to how sure I am.

Am I confident enough to move smoothly and rapidly? Are my intentions coming from the whole and not just one selfish part of me?


ok, so go with the flow and set sail

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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