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The capital city of Virginia; and where I landed in 1982. All over the internet I can find beautiful pictures of the city; I hear about the works going on at VCU or maybe Altria. But there is a different perspective of the city that people are ignoring; even the residents of Richmond.

The driving force of the economy are the laws. You might look at that and say “well I am a law-abiding citizen so that’s great…stay out of trouble and you wont have to worry about the laws”. Well that sounds okay if that wasn’t one of the things DRIVING the economy.

According to wiki:

“Richmond’s economy is primarily driven by law, finance, and government, with federal, state, and local governmental agencies, as well as notable legal and banking firms, located in the downtown area. The city is home to both the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, one of 13 United States courts of appeals, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks.”

Imagine for a second that the City of Richmond made $2.5 million (this is a fictitious number but vibe with me) based on money generated by enforcing “laws” in 2015 and only $1.2 million in 2016. Do you think they are going to be comfortable with less money coming in or will they institute harsher fines and punishment in 2017 to get the revenue back up?

It’s a business, We The People are the dollar signs.

This arises so many questions for me. Especially when I consider the efforts that are taken to police certain beings in Richmond. Ja (if you are a new reader and don’t know who Ja is please read To be continued to get caught up) just had to deal with getting arrested, paying a bond, getting a lawyer, loosing out on income from his business all because he was wrongfully accused.

The police had an informant buy drugs from someone while wearing a camera. The picture that they have as evidence looks nothing like Ja; the charges were dismissed luckily but not before we had to pay over $5,000 and didn’t even get a damn apology!

They start picking out the ones that will go to jail the moment we arrived in this realm (because they are basing this information on the frequency in which I was conceived and the environment I was raised in) and once I entered the school system it was a wrap. The public school system is big business also…think about it; why do parents have to pay money for kids to go to summer school when the funds are already allocated for them to go? Did my child really fail or do you need the revenue?

On November 27, 2018 Mark Robinson of the Richmond Times Dispatch wrote a piece about the Richmond Sheriff’s Office running $3.2 MILLION dollars over budget. Who do you think will generate this money for them? WE THE PEOPLE.

Expect more policing in “urban” areas, expect more traffic stops and searches in “urban areas” and on and on it goes. I can still be a law-abiding citizen all day long but when the laws are designed to make money off of me to keep a city operating, the lines become blurred. I “now” have to look at the intent. And based on facts this city could care less about me….or you. Unless I am bringing in the money (like Dominion Power for example) and no longer just a dollar sign for them to use as they wish. 

Do you know how many elderly, single parents or struggling families will have their electricity turned off due to non-payment during cold winter months or scorching summers? THOUSANDS maybe more! Since there is only one electricity provider (who are in the pockets of the law makers in Richmond) people have no choice but to give them whatever they want; even if they don’t have it.

How does this help the people? It doesn’t; it makes them afraid, weary and victims to a system that is set up to keep them in bondage.

I met with a city council member (I will leave her name off of this just in case she has evolved in this new “now”) back in 2016 to discuss some ideas that I had about promoting positive self images, raising the frequency of the city and starting a “forgiveness” and”purge” campaign.

The forgiveness campaign was an idea that I came up with to get people to think differently about themselves and how they view their neighbor. This was going to be a city-wide initiative and it would have brought people together with resources and so many other things. I was told that it couldn’t happen at that moment because they were preparing for an election but that I would hear something. It‘s 2018 and I still haven’t heard a thing.

As a resident of this city would you vote for someone who is presenting you with more of the same or someone that is willing to break the cycle and truly help you to help you?

Politicians are so out of touch with the people and what we truly need. We don’t need more corporations to come in and put people in bondage; we need resources to teach them how to be entrepreneurs. We do not need rhetoric that will pit us against each other just based off a title like republican, democrat, black, white, etc.; we need unity. We do not need that same old slogan “oh I will lower your taxes”. Fuck that! I don’t want to pay taxes! It should be my choice; just like it’s the governments choice to harass and manipulate me. Why should I pay taxes to go towards road improvements when you suspend my license because I can’t afford car insurance when I don’t even have a car (yes, this is a real thing).

9 times out of 10 the residents just pay the fine, pay the ticket, pay the bill and don’t ask any questions because they are afraid of what might happen. I’m here to serve as an example that I am no longer bound to Richmond and it’s bloody past.

So many of my ancestors story stopped right there on the banks of the James River when they climbed out of those boats, walked barefoot down cobblestone roads and helped build a city that doesn’t even respect their future. I have to continue the story for them……just because I landed in Richmond doesnt mean it has to define me……

to be continued……

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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