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I was sitting in Office Max parking lot trying to figure out how to pay for my sons flight day invitations and put gas in an extremely empty tank with a little less than $5.00 on a credit card. I was expecting some money to arrive today however Source wanted to show me something different.

While in deep contemplation; I hear a notification come across my phone. It’s from a motivation app that I use and it said:

So with that being said; I walked into Office Max; even bold enough to leave the $4.00 and random cents in the car. I walk up to the young lady and told her what I needed and asked the cost. She said it will be $3.74 and they take apple pay. I said oh you do; maybe I should use that. I go into the wallet on my phone and sitting there was $5.07. As I walked out of the store with my sons invitations I said well lets go get gas with this $4.00! I pull up at 7-11 and there is a red SUV with Jersey plates on it.

SIDENOTE: I am a huge fan of Joe Budden’s growth and he is from NJ so anytime I see Jersey tags I kinda do a “what up Joey!“ in my head. So anyway back to the story- I sit at the pump and I say dang I need more than this for gas because I still have to go to the school and my friends job so I call my friend and now I am able to put $8.00 in the tank. As I get out to pump the guy that is driving the SUV says ” I just hit the jackpot”. I said “oh yea?... congratulations “. I start pumping and he comes over and says “did you get enough gas?”.

Guys..... this guy filled up my tank and told me “ these are blessings coming back from the blessings that you sent out to others”. We talked for a little bit, he told me his name was Eric and he was driving from Tennessee and I thought wow the Creator sent him all the way to Richmond to a random 7-11 just to be able to help me when I needed it.

We finished up our conversation, he tapped the wheel on the car and said “ we gonna get you some new tires too- just be careful in the meantime “.

I am on the side of the road typing this because I couldn’t wait to share.

Enjoy your “now”, I love you guys!!


I”m listening to the Joe Budden Podcast episode 314 around the 78 minute mark and who does he shout out? A random guy named Eric ❤️


I’m heading to my friends job to pick her up from work and the drivers side front wheel blows out....I pulled over and called for help. A beautiful angel ( I love you) showed up to help me and sent me on my way and all of a sudden the front passenger side tire blows out. He came back....made a phone call and told me to get in...... taking me to a tire shop to get two new wheels...just like Eric said I would get. 💜

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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