"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Updated: Mar 14

Yesterday as I was chopping it up with The Most High about my finances I mentioned a budget. And I was asked a simple question “how can I budget if I don’t gno what the budget is?” It was definitely a question that brought reflection because I don’t gno what the budget is.

I could only answer with “I don’t gno”. So the directive I was given was to figure out my needs… I need three times the rent to move in, I need transportation and of course a steady stream of income to maintain all of it like utilities and gas (unless I get that Tesla 😊), etc.

So I calculated how much I would need and the moment I hit equals on the calculator I literally felt like Fred Sanford yelling that he was “having the big one”. I grabbed my chest because it felt like my heart was about to pop. I was shocked at how much I would need and I was shocked at the fact that The Most High didn’t say ” no that’s not achievable “. What The Most High did say was two things

  1. ” anything extra, I keep the change “.

  2. “do not get a car note”

It’s not in my will to stress any longer about how this goal will be achieved… it’s in my will to trust and believe that despite what it looks like … there is something cooking in the background that I don’t see right now but it’s coming.

When I think about alchemy and all the ingredients needed to turn something into gold; it’s only right that I was overwhelmed by so much emotion; that it came off as an actual physical feeling…. not just an emotion .. there was action associated with the feeling.

So I’m thanking the Universe and my Creator in advance for this blessing. I’m writing these words for me. If I can believe it, I can achieve it. For so long I believed that I was less than, I believed that I didn’t deserve to have my needs fulfilled and I believed in “just getting by”.

However, with rebirth comes a new mentality and all I believe is that there is greatness in me..in you…in US!

definitely to be continued 🚀🚀🚀