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“Now” is my being without added thoughts, actions or attention focused on anything outside of the “now”.

“Now” is the only thing that is constant.

To write this is focusing on “now” however if my attention strays to something else; that is moving “now” .

“Now” “I am”. “I am” “now”. “I” only want to embrace “now”- evolve “now”- love “now”.

The “new” or the “next” are points (they imply movement)- the “new” moves the focus... the “next” moves the focus... however it all comes back to “now”...... new, now, next.

Notice how “now” is in the middle.

Picture a rainbow. on one end is what’s “new”...... on the other end is what’s “next”...... the middle though omg!

The middle is where all the colors are! The middle houses the spectrum, it gives off optics. That is where “I” can see the arch. What is the origination of the word arch? Bow!

If “I” were to stand at the end of a rainbow or even the beginning of a rainbow- how would “I“ witness all the colors?

How would “I” observe the expansion? The only way to observe this is to stand in the middle.

As “I am” is writing this; “I” received a notification that “I” set on my phone about a year ago- it just became so much clearer to me....”now”



"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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