“new mindset-who dis?”

Updated: Mar 9

Life can not be observed on other planets due to the low frequency vibrations emitting from earth; It is almost like in the movie Black Panther; Wakanda was (is) on a different frequency that outsiders couldn’t visually comprehend it.

This gives me a visual of how less evolved earth was in regards to interplanetary communication. Other planets did’nt want a kid sitting at the table. Humans were still killing each other with wars and other dumb ish. It’s like that cliche “real recognize real”. How could they recognize us when we don’t look familiar?

The source that fuels earth is not the source of other planets. Think about it; if light is the illusion why are we so close to the sun and the other planets aren’t? Science wants me to believe that earth is the only inhabitual planet but that’s just ridiculous. I don’t even know all the species that are on this planet with me so how do I know what other lifeforms could be out there?

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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