McDonald’s Programming

Updated: Mar 9

What is programming?

  1. Provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a particular task.

  2. Cause (a person or animal) to behave in a predetermined way.

What is Mcdonald’s?

To innerstand what McDonalds is I had to travel back to innerstand who Mcdonald’s was.

In 1937, the McDonald brothers opened a hot dog stand in California which primarily served patrons at a local racetrack.

However, the stand had few customers after racing season ended. The brothers then decided to open a bigger stand in San Bernadino, a large working-class town with a population of approximately 100,000 people.

In 1940 Bank of America approved a $5,000 loan and the brothers opened a drive-in restaurant on the corner of 1398 North E Street and West 14th Street.

The brothers were soon making $40,000 a year. Most customers were teenagers or young adult males in their 20s who came there primarily to flirt with the carhops, or young working families looking for a cheap meal.

The McDonald brothers decided that the latter were the ideal customer they wanted to attract. With the goal of making $1 million before they turned 50, the McDonald brothers began franchising their system in 1953.

So far I have learned who the target was for the McDonalds which were the youth and families on fixed incomes and the goal was never to present me with healthy options or even a safe environment but to make money off of me.

In 1954 the brothers partnered with Ray Kroc- who would later buy them out. Now that the McDonald’s have reached their goal of exploiting the youth and low income families for financial gain Ray Kroc steps in – he changes everything; from urging that restaurants open in suburban areas, implementing sanitation processes, to even educating the employees on personal and professional financial responsibility. Kroc was even the mastermind behind the Ronald McDonald House organization.

Kroc had strict rules for franchisees on how the food was to be made, portion sizes, cooking methods, times, and packaging. Kroc also rejected cost-cutting measures like using soybean filler in the hamburger patties. These strict rules also were applied to customer service standards such as; money to be refunded to clients whose orders were not correct or to customers who had to wait more than five minutes for their food. Can you imagine how many people would get a refund today just because they had to wait? We would see less of these “chains” popping up in and around our communities.

Despite whatever vision that anyone may hold for Mcdonald’s it will ultimately vibrate at the level originally intended by the Mcdonald’s brothers because it carries their name- it carries their energy. According to a quote found on Wikipedia

Ray Kroc said:

“In my experience, hamburger joints are nothing but jukeboxes, pay phones, smoking rooms, and guys in leather jackets. I wouldn’t take my wife to such a place and you wouldn’t take your wife either.”

Do I see what he is describing? He is describing the vibe, or the frequency. He tried to change it by setting so many rules and policies and building requirements; he did not gno the power of energy signatures. While observing Ray Kroc it appeared he was very vocal about his dissatisfaction with the brothers and many of their policies.

When I look at Mcdonald’s today- I peep the programming. They advertise to specific communities; like they may have a urban singer belting out something about a Big Mac in order to entice an “urban” resident. They have bright colors and a promise of a toy to entice the youth. They think if they get the youth- they have the future. That is actually a powerful concept that Hitler ruled by.

In 2016, Mcdonald’s reported having over 14k locations in the United States alone. Consider that the majority of the menu consists of high sugar (have you tasted that sweet tea?) and high fatty processed foods; partner that with any diabetic data that is out there. McDonald’s becomes the source of a serious problem. It’s now a savior and a devil. It’s a savior because keep in mind it’s targeting people with low income looking for a cheap meal to feed their family and if fast food is the only thing that they have access to it will also be the thing that will could kill them.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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