"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Manipulating Matter

Updated: 2 days ago

Here is the realm reminder that I left for myself in February 2020 for March 14, 2020.

During my travels last night, (once known as a dream) I had a scarf on my head and I got up because I felt it slightly slipping off. I was in a funny conversation with Nicole; she was telling someone how I always say “oh he is so funny” when a guy makes me laugh.

I got up to go to the mirror to fix my scarf. It was one of those “behind the door” mirrors. When I looked in the mirror- I returned back to the physical realm.

I got up and went to the bathroom- mainly to check my scarf which had slightly slid off my head. Just to give you a visual, I have a scarf on and a bonnet over the scarf... the same exact way I had it on in the other realm.

As I was standing in the mirror fixing it; the question popped into my head “ How am I able to see myself with a form of matter that I had on me before I entered that reality and I was able to consciously manipulate it?

I literally traveled with something and had full control of it. This wasn’t the only place I experienced during my travels last night- I even had a conversation with my central moon (which just happens to be the space that I am currently experiencing in the physical realm).

Here is the realm reminder I left for myself in February for March 15, 2020.


I will update this once I observe the “owl”- which could be literally anything. That’s what makes this journey so interesting.

10:15 am 3/15/2020

observed an owl on the phone in spoof video about the Corona virus

11:15 am 3/15/2020

pulled over to turn on my navigation and the first word of the name of the street I was on was named Corona

8:00 am 3/17/2020

I met with the “owl” during my travels last night which was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We talked about “getting hot“ and “protecting my valuables.” He also spoke to me about the light that is emitting from my vessel; how it’s clearly connected to the Creator. He also explained to me that I (we) are children of the Light- that is why the light is there in the first place- it was given from Source. He let me gno that there are Humans that are afraid of the Corona however it is a sign that the Children of Light aka Children of Isreal are being revealed. They do not innerstand and have created something to try and vilify the energy that has reached this realm from non other than Source Creator.

7:00am 03/19/2020

I was about to meditate

3:48pm 03/31/2020

Observed this photo while researching my ancestors

12:06 pm 04/01/2020

delivering food

9:37pm 4/3/2020

Innerstanding my divine lineage

10:30 4/3/2020

Innerstanding the cutting of the cord ritual