"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Mail--- 01/05/2020

Updated: Mar 13

January 5, 2020

Light coded communication

Layer of Self= Wholeness Message Ord You did it radio

Dif Innerstand orbit is beautiful

Yia Goldie Ishea

Goldie Father airwaves

Bihiyia I am leaving this location, tons of traveling was done yesterday

Hi Love and wholeness divine energies, I didn’t forget, I can’t forget

Dra Love and Protect Bryanna no fear is the only requirement

San Everything moved in nicely puzzle Chase

Star Gain the shells

Key Points to Remember:

  • Evil was in the world before man

  • Dogma and God have the same letters for a reason D.O.G / G.O.D

  • Innerstand wages, concrete and frequency

  • Track my frequencies

  • Research radio functions