Mail--- 01/05/2020

Updated: 3 days ago

January 5, 2020

Light coded communication

Layer of “Self”= Wholeness Message

Ord You did it radio

Dif Innerstand orbit is beautiful

Yia Goldie Ishea

Goldie Father airwaves

Bihiyia “I am” is leaving this location, tons of traveling was done yesterday

Hi Love and wholeness divine energies, “I” didn’t forget, I can’t forget

Dra Love and Protect Bryanna no fear is the only requirement

San Everything moved in nicely puzzle Chase

Star Gain the shells

Key Points to Remember:

  • Evil was in the world before man

  • Dogma and God have the same letters for a reason D.O.G / G.O.D

  • Innerstand wages, concrete and frequency

  • Track my frequencies

  • Research radio functions

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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