Updated: Apr 7

Light coded communication

Magnetic Field Message

3 Thumbtack purpose

4 Bag fly

5 Green light orange top

6 Goldie 200#

7 One stick time

8 Glasses veggies

9 Cycles water patterns

1 Soul water fountain empty seats

11 Trip spirit top picture

Key Points to remember:

1. Don't get caught up in conspiracies; they are like car accidents - they are distractions to take my eyes off the road. There will be information that is relevant....use what I need and move on.

2. Pennies - This is interpreted as "something from heaven"

(vivid description from Billie found here ).

3. The Sun & Moon are the poles aka "stations" that amplify certain frequencies (this in addition to the other inorganic frequencies that are being used on the masses). This is why I have been telling myself to keep my frequency high; the sun and moon influence all who are under it- same thing with gravity. It's like listening to a radio - if I am tuned into a hip hop station I do not expect to hear Chopin.

4. My life is a file in a huge program (life + file). Files can always be converted and they can also be hacked (by outside frequencies) - add a password to protect it.

5. I can not be touched (aka divided)- most of the time they can"t even see me; awareness amplifies this gift.

Message sent;

Rof lufknaht yrev ma I dnes i. won ni tnemom siht secruoser dna ssenelohw evol dleif eht otni tuo

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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