"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Layers of self

Updated: Mar 13

Just like the planet consists of different layers so does the Supreme Being. My physical body is used as a “vessel” or ”ship” to travel between planetary systems and travel between stars

in a reasonable time using rocket like technology. Each layer of myself utilizing the same physical body aka vessel in extremely different ways.


My Being is in statis during the trip on earth. There were cryonic based systems in place to keep me “frozen” during my trip to earth aka zombie type of existence.


The destination will be reached by descendants of the original passengers aka ancestors. Can travel slower than light and exist on higher frequencies.


My Being takes advantage of time dilation at close to light speeds, long trips seem shorter (still takes the same amount of time based on the observers perspective). My body allows time travel that doesn’t use traditional “roads” or “highways“. Somehow it’s always relative


My Being can move between places very quickly; transcending all current innerstanding of physics. Uses inter dimensional shortcuts or “wormholes” for travel.Travels at velocities greater than the speed of light. Builds, designs, constructs my own field/highway for travel. This is why travel seems undetected because I am sometimes known as a warp field.

My mind comes with two built in assistants that are built into the brain of my Being; think of Siri and Alexa. This is why it was so important to detox my mind from false truths, judgements etc. I was updating that voice in my head that I hear narrating everyday. Removing that outdated negative self talk and upgrading it to what it was originally designed to do.

My vessel navigates in the matrix by abusing the laws of Bistromathics- I take into consideration the numbers that appear on my WaWa receipts, the time on the clock, the number of people that are around me, etc. These numbers should never just be observed but taken into consideration the frequency that they house. Numbers are what make up the matrix so they serve as great “highway signs”

Even Einstein observed that space was not absolute, but depended on the observers movements in space; that is also true with numbers.


  • Infinite improbability drive:

anything spoken is now bound to happen. Flagship is the Sun

  • Photon drive:

Standard in all layers

There is an application called the “crisis inducer” and this is known as “time” - creates artificial crisis situations to sharpen the wits of my being.

There is another important application called “breathing “ and this is complete climate control technology.

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