"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Kingdom Property....What is it?

Updated: Mar 8

Matthew 5:5

"The Meek shall inherit the Earth"

The word inherit is specifically speaking about an element and a phenomenon. The meek shall air the earth; which speaks about the airwaves or frequencies. They will be "taken over".

For thousands of years the airwaves were controlled by the "system". This information is even written in the bible. The word inherit also speaks to the location that this will first take place in and that is inside- there is no external force that is "coming back to save me".

In order for my outside world to reflect a place of harmony and unity I had to go inside and clear out my Kingdom and place the true Essence of my Being back on the throne where she belongs.

Kingdom property speaks to the space that I have inside of me- who am I allowing to live on my property rent free?


Do I even innerstand why religion was created?

It was created so I would not have to bear responsibility for my actions in the physical realm. I can just pray to Jesus and since he died on the cross all my sins are forgiven. What type of responsibility do I take on if I think that I can just give it all to Jesus?

Judgement? Self doubt? Low self-esteem? Well, if any of those tenants are on my property; they all are about to get evicted. Even to let a calendar dictate my schedule and actions is another tenant that is taking up space. In the spiritual realm I am already in 2020 and have been at least since about September/October 2019.

I was distracted by political news, system appointed holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. I even used to go Christmas tree shopping. All the signs were pointing to truth however, I was comfortable believing a lie.