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Updated: Apr 7

It’s the last day of my cycle... I’m laying down focused on self reflection and blessings found in the “now”. There were so many revelations that I experienced and it’s hard to find words for it all but I will try.

On the first day of my cycle I met with an awesome writer who put together a pilot which I am very excited to see... when he explained the storyline to me, I couldn’t help but notice the strange similarities between my life and his main character. When I read the script; I got so overwhelmed I just slid it back to him. I told him I would have to finish it later. See, earlier that day I made a video where I was speaking to my future self; informing her of how the meeting would go.. I told her that oranges would be a sign. As I was reading his script the word oranges were found at least 3 times on the first page alone! I linked the video below; however I plan to watch it after I finish this post.

Again, I felt overwhelmed and I honestly felt like I was dreaming. I felt like my life was being observed by someone else who I had never met before. You’re probably wondering how I even came in contact with this guy. When I was out in Virginia I was looking online for writing jobs in San Diego and he had something posted for a content contributor for a project that he was putting together. I emailed him some information about my background in writing and he said he wanted to speak in person so fast forward to 02/21/2020 at 4:44 pm we are meeting up at a Starbucks in San Diego. I’m not including his name because I didn’t ask him if I could however he is a great guy and we talked for hours.

I know this sounds really odd however; I have literally felt like I was being watched since I can remember. Not in a scary way just in a observant way and for some reason as he was explaining his story to me a random conversation from the Spring of 2017 streamed into my mind. It was about the difference between peeking and peeping. Then, as if he was literally streaming my thoughts he asks if I have knowledge of these beings who peep around corners. He said “they aren’t harmful they are just watching... let me show you”. I sat in his seat and he went behind the wall and started peeking at me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Ja painted a picture of these things back in 2018 when we were having a paint night at the house.

It was as if the old conversation and the painting just fit perfectly in the “now”. In the moment that those experiences occurred it seemed like a regular conversation.... it seemed like a regular date night. However both of those moments made that “now” make more sense... it gave me clarity. It confirmed a few things but the most amazing thing it confirmed to me was the breaking of a barrier known as time.

I left the meeting wanting to call and tell someone about it then I remembered that no one is going to understand and it will play out as me feeling like a weirdo and just dismissing it. It looks like manifestation which is something that I always talk about however it’s deeper than that. His script even mentioned the main character having a flat tire and that literally just happened to me- it was deeper than manifestation. It was literally like I am living something that was lived already however I am correcting different choices that I once made. How do you explain that to someone? I couldn’t... so I kinda walked around with a million random questions swirling around in my mind and the constant whisper “your not crazy- it’s all documented for a reason”.

I thought about my dreams and how they look. They look “compartmentalized” sorta. Like it’s a bunch of worlds within worlds. For example, I can dream that I am inside of a building that has a wall from my Grandparents house, a window from a old job, a floor of a walmart, a ceiling of a temple and the doors of a airplane. As I unpack each experience it ties into the next making sense of the situation however it’s not a linear thing. I understand it as I experience it.

Each day I write to myself and let myself know what the present will hold, I leave notes for myself and sometimes I even leave people in places to give me reminders. I have the ability to send my consciousness into other “environments/beings” and watch them ”remind me”. This am I left myself a screen shot of my watch while I was sleeping. I recorded the time at 5:27 am.

Today at 4:27 pm (west coast time) on 2/24/2020 I observed a being wearing yellow shoes while looking threw the eyes of a friend on the east coast. I texted her at 4:27 pm and said “Let me know when you see the yellow shoes” she responded to the message at 8:17 pm (east coast time) “let’s travel”. I will update you with the results as they stream in ❤️


  • I saw yellow shoes at 9:52am on 3/2/2020 .... it was a basketball ball player wearing them.I was covered in a yellow comforter. Located in San Diego, California . Lebron 23 and Kuzma wearing Lebrons 17.

  • 10:14 3/2/2020 Ja shows me a video stating that Matt Groeing (simpsons writer....yellow shoes) is a time traveler. The video points out all the memories of Matt’s travels. The Pat Mcaffey show.

  • Note left by self in late 02/2020

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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