“I was thinkin’ chess moves but it was God’s grace”

Updated: Apr 12

What is grace?

Grace is the conscious awareness of being thankful. Which means it’s the only tradition per se that I should be engaging in once entering into the Kingdom.

The hardest thing but seems like the simplest is to just be myself. Everything that I have learned, every opportunity since being on this higher frequency has came from me being me and gnoing who I am.

It’s a difference in gnoing something and practicing it vs. gnoing something just to gno. So not only do I gno myself but I live according to that gnoledge.

Ra & Raet teache me lessons by doing and that is how I came to innerstand what grace was.

I woke up one morning with a Nipsey line in my head

I was thinking chess moves but it was God‘s grace”.
-Nipsey Hussle, Higher

Over and over. It wasn’t like an ear worm but like a whisper. So I asked for innerstanding and it dawned on me that I didn’t gno what grace meant on the level I was currently on.

I looked for the original meaning of grace, which is to be thankful. Honestly, at that moment I questioned myself and wondered am I thankful enough?

I am blessed…. in my relationship with myself, with everyone around me, my health, my purpose in life, my finances, etc. If my parents grace is one of the reasons why I am receiving these blessings how am I gaining grace when I didn’t gno what it was?

I grabbed my phone and went to my notes to start a new folder called Greatful. My thinking was, now that I gno let me practice it. My plan was to write down something that I am thankful for everyday before I even start my day. By me engaging in this new practice I will reach a higher level of innerstanding.

However, that’s when I noticed that I already had a folder in my phone called Greatful. At that moment in time I hadn’t written a new thank you note in a couple of days. I prayed as always but I hadn’t left a note. I read over them dating back to September of 2018!

Then it all came together like a perfect puzzle. I was leaving those notes because that’s who I am. I was just being me…. not practicing a tradition or a ritual. No one had to tell me to be thankful… it’s just who I am.

It’s the same concept with my blogs and my youtube channel… there is a pattern. When I look back…I see it. It’s the blueprint of Ra & Raet. It’s not me being something that I’m not… it’s me being me.

I can try to plan the next step and be as strategic as possible but it’s the ability to show gratitude through any situation that will allow more opportunities and blessings to come to my field.

When I say field, gno that it’s not just about me but you as well. Everyone in my field receives the same blessings according to their innerstanding (level).

No rituals required to be our higher selves just be thankful.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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