"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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I’m not a writer

Updated: 3 days ago

When I left the corporate experience I often said my goal was to be a writer professionally. Since then I have had the opportunity to write for a news organization and movie scripts. Each experience was super exciting for about a few days and then it just tapered off. I dug deep to find some sort of spark at the news network but I just felt crappy writing about so much negativity. With script writing, if I wanted fast results I would have to confine myself to a certain mindset- stay there and create on demand.

Both of those processes sound like suicide to me. I can’t create on demand... I don’t want to create on demand. I love being in the flow of things; adding what I can at the specific moment that it is needed.

The place I am in mentally allows me the freedom to pull over and write about whatever streams to me. WHATEVER. WHENEVER. That is a freedom that I denied myself for so long....allowing myself to flow and basking in the fullness there of.

In 2016 when I heard a voice...a actual voice; speak to me and say “I would work for no one except me” I had no clue that was myself speaking to the physical representation of myself.

That gnoledge stuns me every time I think about it and it prepares me for the moment when I “speak” using sounds and phrases like a telephone conversation minus the devices, again. It happened and I experienced it which makes it possible. I am closer and closer to self... right now it’s a mirrored image.

Now that I am in this amazing moment in “now” I am so proud of myself. I was able to align with versions of myself that I didn’t even gno existed... remember at one point I thought I was just a person existing on this planet and my purpose was to reproduce people and debt. I rose above so many frequencies that were created decades ago to stop me from experiencing this moment. However... I am.

Where is here?

I am in a field (made of plasma to be specific) better known as 714 which is the highest timeline created to connect with Source.

My timeline has been detoxed, purged and reconciled to regain all spiritual and physical functions given unto me via my umbilical cord which serves as a bridge between the physical realm and the higher realms. This field has never been experienced before.

Until ”now”.

I made the decision to give myself all of me; and in return that is all anyone can ever expect from me...714.

Did I think that I would go through everything I went through just because? Let me show me something...I saw how people went to church and they gave their power to a third party; they seemingly received blessings with no innerstanding of what was on the other side of that.

When I followed the Creator of self, that was a direct connection back to my original Source... I am in the middle; able to see and receive.

I paid the price of being true to who I am for the blessings that I am receiving. It’s mine... it looks like me, it sounds like me, it moves like me because it is me.

Today a guy asked me..”what do you do?” and the first time ever I responded with; “I’m a professional time traveler”