“I got no patience and I hate waitin….”

Updated: Mar 9

What does it mean to wait? I hear people say “wait on God” but there are people that have been waiting for decades. People like my earthly Grandmother who have been beating into submission by the phrase “waiting on God”.

The vibration associated with “the wait” is a weight issue. If the concept of time is not real than neither is the concept of waiting. I can not “wait” for anything but I can weight for something.

Put your lab coats on because we are going scientific for a little bit...

Everything I see in it’s physical form is matter. Matter cannot exist without weight. Now me, in my Highest form, are a God. I’m not speaking on the role of Source, I’m speaking on my role. So, the term that I am waiting on God means that I am adding more weight, more matter to my reality.

This probably doesn’t even have anything to do with the things I thought I was “waiting ” on. I waa just asking myself for more of the same things. More of the things that I thought mattered like, paying bills for example. Every month in some shape form or fashion I did not have enough for my bills because I already showed God what mattered to me. What mattered to me was going to sell my energy for 8 hours a day in return for currency that will pay a bill. I even sold a piece of my likeness by getting loans to pay bills. All those actions show Source what mattered to me.

Going forward; don’t “wait” on God just Act, I hold the power to shape my circumstances in more ways than I could ever imagine. Action is what makes all the difference. I can only speak from a place of experience and when I need results I go within. I hear my higher self so clearly now but at first it took some time to weed out all those other peoples timelines (please see previous post Access) that I was experiencing.

If I needed a bill paid I would borrow the money, work for some company or just pray and beg then, “wait on God” to deliver. But these are the initial steps that I took to stop waiting and start acting so I could create.

  • Don’t stress- stress adds real weight. I want my request to be as light as possible.

  • I wrote down my need on a piece of paper

  • I sat in silence for awhile; maybe about 15 or 20 min

  • I wrote down every thought that came to my mind for the next 15 or 20 minutes after sitting in silence. Even if it seemed dumb; I have to keep in mind that in my flesh I speak a language that was made to deceive me, but my Higher Self is fluent in my native tongue. So don’t dismiss anything as silly.

  • Review what I wrote; scratch out anything that on the surface resembles the matrix. That will be systems…. for example if I am looking for a financial increase my higher self will never send me into a situation where I have to sell apart of my likeness to a bank or corporation.

  • Whatever I am left with; redefine those words. For example, let’s say I’m left with the phrase “sale something ” . Sale could mean sail, sell or sale and something could be anything. Look up what those words mean and not only have I just solved my own problem by seeking God but I have taken actions that will ensure what I am paying attention to will now be manifested.

I applied the correct amount of weight in order to produce the results that I need and that my friend, is the role of the Alchemist (aren’t you glad you put your lab coats on).

to be continued…..

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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