“I don’t know, am I my brothers keeper”

Updated: Mar 7

New Jack City is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I saw it for the first time when I was just a little girl in elementary school. I remember sitting on the living room floor and literally falling in love with my culture. The music, the lingo, the fashion and the power that was presented in one hour and 67 minutes would plant a seed in my mind and my soul.

On a three-dimensional level, someone might say “are you kidding me? This movie was about a drug dealer terrorizing his community”. On a higher frequency, it’s a metaphysical masterpiece. This post might not be for the seasoned travelers because you already know what I am getting to; this is for everyone else. See Nino Brown plays the role of a God; his mission is to unconsciously perform alchemy on a race of beings that would (over time) open up a gateway or portal to allow more Gods or high thinkers to entire into this realm (aka the crack epidemic.. please see previous post Who is your Father? )

The police chasing him and trying to send him to jail serve as the “system” or some might say “matrix” that most of the masses are tuned into. When Nino Brown posed the question “am I brother’s keeper?” He was speaking of frequency. The same frequency that was mentioned in the bible. The story of Cain and Able.

This story is taking so literal when in all honesty it speaks about frequency. Cain is one way of receiving information and Able is another way. Cain is the frequency that requires a crutch or a system …something has to be in place to hold you up. Like a Judicial system, Education system, Religion, Politics etc.

The Able is being aware and able to tap into the know. Where it is written that God asked Cain “where is Able?” and he said “I don’t know”, what is the know? What does it mean to know? The lowest form of knowing is to go by the definition that someone else has given to it. The know is to Gno which is called Divine Knowledge. Cain did not Gno, he was the concept of a human. Able was the concept of a Being. So when he said “he did not know, that statement carried so much weight.

Able was the first and the right way of becoming. When Cain slew him he gave the concept back to the Creator (keep in mind you can not die) and Able is back; those beings are back. The humans never left (minus the elite because they are well aware of this gno-ing or aka Gnostic) the punishment for those humans who think with the Cain concept are as follows ( I have also included the opposite for the Beings:

  1. If you till the soil, it will no longer give you strength. The word “till” speaks about the cosmic currency that we all have access to. Those humans will pray, perform rituals do whatever their hearts desire and they will never find strength…just more of the same. They perform rituals that they think will get them closer to the Creator, for example, tithing. What the hell is that about? It’s a lower vibration or an offshoot of a higher vibration. That higher vibration is what the Beings have access to. We receive direct access to that currency; and please keep in mind I am speaking of the waters that we swim in when I say currency. Another ritual that just gives them more of the same are funerals (please see The Walking Dead) it’s literally the reason why death comes in three’s.

  1. A restless wanderer shall you be on the earth. A human will experience this in the form of anxiety, boredom, fear, etc. This doesn’t even really need to be explained when you consider the fact that almost 40% of the US population is being treated for anxiety. This number doesn’t even account for the people who do not seek treatment. Just imagine for a second how many people that is. For a being, we are called “travelers” not because of the car we drive but because we have the power to take you somewhere without you physically leaving your vessel or needing any type of three-dimensional object to get you there. Granted I speak to you through seven4teen, and that hits your soul so just imagine the effect if I were in your presence.

  1. You shall dwell in the land of Nod, east of Eden. A human is confined to this realm. Their fear of death solidifies this point, they vibrate so low that once they do transition its right back into this reality… the reality of a dream. This is a dream world, everything is an illusion….people, places and things (please see What is a dream?) A human will never EVER grasp the concept of that. They will only understand that a dream is what happens when they go to sleep. But a dream is the location. Its called the land of Nod because its full of sleep or dead people…dreaming! When you breathe, that’s a reminder of where you are….in hell (inhale). To a being; we know, understand and appreciate the fact that we are in this world but not of it.

One thing that Nino Brown displayed in the entire film was fearlessness. He wasn’t afraid to go to jail, he wasn’t afraid to die, he wasn’t afraid of a pastor…. he knew who he was. He knew that in order to complete his goals, he had to play by their rules. And in the land of Nod, the rules are simple….make your own rules.

to be continued……

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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