How you riding?

Updated: Mar 9


a level of existence, thought, or development. On a spiritual plane everything is connected. The lower three planes house states of solid, liquid and gaseous matter.


a succession of vehicles or pack animals traveling in the same direction. Consider the fact that individuals that are stuck on religious levels call themselves sheep. A sheep is unable to do anything without a shepherd, it has a herd mentality. What do church goers go to church for? To hear a word…..and the pastor is there to tell them what he “heard”.


defined as self. Who am I? What drives me? If I answered with my title, that’s not what I asked me. This is how I know who called my name. So many people say they have come or they speak on behalf of the Creator but if I did’nt even know who I was, how would I gno who called me? And the call was not by my “government name”.

It was the name given to me before I or my “parents” ever were a thought. If I didn’t speak the language how would I know if what I heard was the herd?

The Moon is a satellite which delivers frequencies and just like a radio there is more than one radio station. I considered that the old frequency I used to vibrate on could be a replica of a higher one. In this realm people tell the truth and the system locks them away. A human can truthfully say they are conversing with God and they are called mentally unstable. What’s mentally unstable is the fact that the people who will condemn her and punish her are praying to the exact same God she was conversating with. How else would this judicial structure stand up if it could’nt spread a false sense of fear? It’s chaos breeding more chaos.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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