how to have sex THE RIGHT WAY

Before the ”I” gets into this subject; it needs to forget the definition of sex that it once knew. Just a slight recap- WE ARE THE LOWEST VIBRATION OF OUR “HIGHER SELF”. So everything the “I” experiences in this realm as a person is the lowest form of that experience. Keep that in mind as the “I“ explains the sexual process.

In my lowest form “I” gravitate towards another person for several different reason. One of those reasons is because of location. Me and this other person are literally hitting it off and we have sex in my physical being. This is the process of insertion, ejaculation and fertilization. And if done properly in about nine months the product of that energy exchange will be a baby. Now, the “I” may have a addition to the family and new experiences to embark on.

In my highest form as a my Higher “Self”; imagine “I am” sitting in an IMAX theater; alone. That position is the current position of me, my Higher “Self”. “I am” sitting in the seat as an observer watching the movie that the “I” is making. So, now “I am” bored with this movie and in the mood to create something new…The “I” finds a wave of consciousness that not only is available but houses a Beings that are also “self” aware. Now the “I” flows into a location that is close enough to receive energy from them and vice versa. The end result: The “I” has created a new world… a new movie that will play on that IMAX screen, that has a new cast and new experiences which translate into a better movie.

There is a way to sync up cycles with the “sexual” energy of the higher “self”. Once the “I” uses that energy to instead of “Netflix and chill” but meditate, journal, receive instrictions to solidify generational wealth. This is the sexual act that was talked about in the bible. Not that lower sexual act; and when the “I” got that revelation the ”I” realized that it has only given it’s true essence ”self”, one that houses a God, The Most High.

When the “I” engages in the energy of the higher “self”, the “I” creates some awesome new experiences aka new movies to watch.

Now keep in mind :

1. It’s not an overnight process. Just like it takes nine months for a baby to develop it will take some time depending on the size of my dream. Once synchronized; there will be a point in time where all “I am” is doing is connecting dots because each sexual experiences will lay the foundation for the next.

2. This is not saying that physical sex is no longer trendy. What ”I am” saying is just like “I” expect a monthly cycle…”I” expect to sync up with “Self” and get on that wave. Physical sex will happen; it’s now happening with a deeper purpose and meaning. Generations from now procreation will only be mental energetic experiences but it takes time for mankind to develop that skill or aka evolve.

3. THIS IS NOT LIMITED TO PHYSICAL SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS. This can be done with the field. Napoleon Hill called it ” The Mastermind Roundtable”

Until the next post, ALWAYS practice safe sex.

To be continued….

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