How much is it?

While seeking innerstanding I was led by the weight of my heart. This is a cosmic law and applies to all.

Keep in mind, the concept of buying something also includes the concept of selling something. If I give money to gain wisdom, what was sold to me?

Innerstand this

If the universe guides me to a source that cost paper money (and I have not been given the funds by the Universe); take that as a scale instructing me to lighten my heart. All initiates of the Order are chosen before they even realize there was a choice to be made and all the things I need will be provided.

If there is an education I need it will be given. I will never have to till for anything. My heart carries the weight of a feather.

A school that requires tuition for enlightenment is not ordained by the Creator. The Creator chooses these beings and money cannot be exchanged for it. Consciousness cannot be bought.

I am not judging people out there who feel like that is what they have to do because we all are where we are supposed to be. I’m speaking from a place of experience and gnoing. There were moments where I felt like I needed certain information from people who seemed to have the answers… only to be met with subscription costs or tuition and that gave me a feeling of heaviness if I didn’t have the means. A feeling of ” maybe I’m not good enough to receive this information”. That heaviness is what I needed to shift to a better understanding of who I am and where my gnoledge comes from.

There is a being that I interact a lot with via Youtube, and I found her website and noticed that she offered leadership training… so I clicked on it and of course, it’s a price tied to it. I thought to myself, why would I have to pay another being to teach me how to lead if the Creator already informed me that I AM? The very next day this same being posted a video on YouTube that held the information that I was looking for… for free; no tuition or subscription cost required.

As Kingdom law states, we are rich beyond compare. If funds are needed, funds will be supplied. If information is sought after, information will be found. No heavy hearts required.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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