Getting Hot

As energetic beings; we give off a lot of energy. When I say a lot I’m talking about degrees that can reach temperatures that are millions of degrees hotter than the core of the Earth’s sun.

The world introduced energetic beings to the word “lazy” however, you have to innerstand why it is so important to maintain a consistent and balanced temperature and heat up at the times that you are supposed to.

When we speak words, walk, run, think, engage in any type of activity that causes movement- we are heating up our field. This is raw nuclear energy and when dealing with temperatures like that; it causes explosions- extreme explosions that causes little bits of yourself to “fall” into a mechanical universe or aka a system. These bits of your consciousness are deposited inside of the system - and is actually what is powering the mechanical universe.

Earth is a “concept “ that was designed to mimic our true heart or home base. That is why the earth's letters spell heart. It is a false replica of our true heart.

Controlling your temperature and heating up at the correct times eliminate you from ever returning to the old system. It is the reason why melanated beings are called “lazy” and have been treated harshly- it was an attempt to keep you powering the old system. If we leave, the system fails to exist and so does everything inside of it. So the system is literally designed to keep us in a constant loop of struggle and constant movement. Go to work, go to church, go to parties, go to eat, watch tv, watch politicians, watch animals, think about this, think about that, etc.

When you “awakened“ the first thing you were told was to stop working and be still. It wasn’t to “punish” you or take anything away from you. It was to get your freedom on several different levels. Keep in mind that your actions affect your Kingdom and not just what you see on Earth. When you are evolving into a planet; you are in a frozen state. As you start to "thaw" your world forms, mountains form, pastures form...your Kingdom begins to take shape.

When you work a earth bound job; you see yourself just getting up, going to work and repeating the same tasks over and over again. What your kingdom experiences is something totally different. It’s experiencing a nuclear reaction at every moment that you are not still; especially if you hate what you do. That’s like setting off a bomb with no countdown- it’s just an instant explosion.

We can not give our energy grudgingly- it eliminates all previous efforts of world formation and that is a major part of your evolutionary experience- you are a star becoming a planet.

This explains the “big bang” and how we got here in the first place. Not being aware of “home base” caused our energy to be deposited into this “system”. Think in terms of cookies; every time you visit a website; it takes little pieces of information about you and stores it...this is the same concept.

This ”system” isn’t even the first Earth; it’s been recreated. The first documented time by Antoine François, comte de Fourcroy (,_comte_de_Fourcroy)

and then again by Louis Nicolas Vauquelin (

Do not get caught up in the dates because while in the system; time was also a concept that was given to us .

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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