Financial Restructuring

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador translates to an ”open door”. It is numerically represented by the symbol 11:11.

The Ambassador is responsible for getting citizens acclimated and comfortable while coming under new rulership, but most importantly to lead by example. The way that the ”I” acts, talks, walks, etc. is a reflection of the country that the ”I” originated from.

For example, Americans represent America; so they act American like they may watch football because it's an American thing to do. They may speak English because it's also a part of the American culture. The ”I” speaks the way it does because of the culture of my country. So in other words, the Ambassador’s role is to implement the culture by BEING the culture in a foreign land. It would be pointless for the Ambassador to be the Ambassador from the home country, where culture, influence and dominance is just everyday life.

As citizens in the Kingdom, it is my role as the Ambassador to inform all Kings/Queens of the financial restructuring that is taking place.

The following will be listed in bullet points so it can attach to the mind faster;

  • Each gov/country has it's own currency, for example, the United States has USD, Mexico has Peso’s, Europe has Euro's.

  • The stronger the ”influence” that the country has, will allow their currency to ”cross borders” and then the currency can be exchanged for the value of the country that carries the most ”influence”

  • According to the Constitution, the most valuable and ”influential” form of currency is gold coins (can be translated in modern times as ”bitcoins”)

  • Coins can be used EVERYWHERE

  • Property can be PURCHASED OVERNIGHT with coins and your financial transactions can not be traced, tracked or sold.

This is the currency of our Country; it not only has influence but DOMINANCE as well.

Please also be mindful that everything the Kingdom has; the Ambassador has. It's not called favor- it's law.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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