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Updated: Mar 15


I got in at 5 on the dizzot this am! Whooooo hoooooooo!

Last night I watched an amazing video on youtube about mirrors ( I am researching so many topics right now but I know they tie in together….the chakras, mirrors, navel and sneezing) and it was so good.

Did I gno that the reflection in the mirror is not even really what I look like? It’s because the light hits the mirrors from different angles causing me to appear slightly different. AND! Remember I said that if my lower self is in the physical at an angle that would appear to be upside down to my higher self who is on the other side of the mirror. My third eye would appear to be where my navel is located.

Well the guy (and this wasn’t a spiritual video it was just about mirrors) was like imagine if he put mirrors on a spherical surface all around me (the earth is a sphere and since everything I see is a reflection, the mirrors are all around me) the original person looking /standing in the mirror sees me- but the farther I move away my image flips upside down.

However, in my theory I had to imagine the distance being in relation to timelines. I am standing in the mirror on one time line but I have created so many other timelines that the mirrored image now looks like a kaleidoscope! Balance brings these reflected images into alignment. So it’s no longer a flipped image but a picture perfect image. The step before the image flips is a reversed image. That is why for awhile I had to innerstand the history behind “left” & “right”.

Having the ability to see/experience yourself in a “dream” from the POV of a mirror - shows your actually movement. The universe is filled with mirrors.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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