Consent to move into positive frequencies

Directions: This should be spoken with your inner voice and sealed by a hum or chant afterwards

I am tired of hearing about negativity, seriously. I am not attached to any of those timelines. I am free to explore whatever timeline I choose. I will gauge my travels based on what my instincts tell me.. besides, there is no God outside of me. My outside is a reflection of my innerverse. I keep my innerverse clean and free flowing from parasites, tags and low frequencies. I love everything about my innerverse, even the shell that it is housed in is one of beauty and precision. I will monitor energies and frequencies using the organic technologies that Source has embedded in my DNA and nothing else. I give consent to my Higher Self to move into a timeline of my choosing and design and I thank her for always being with me… let’s begin

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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